Coronavirus, the new infections return to rise: 584, of which 384 in Lombardy. Daily victims again above 100: there are 117


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The number of infections from is growing again coronavirus in Italy, after two days in which they had been kept below the 400 threshold Civil protection has registered 584 new cases in the last 24 hours, of which 384 in Lombardy, thus bringing the total number of people who have fallen ill since the start of the pandemic to 231,139. The contagion trend so goes up to 0.25%. However, thanks to the high number of people recovered, the total number of people continues to decline currently positive: I’m 50966, -1.976 from yesterday. However, the number of daily victims that return above 100 units: they are 117 in the last 24 hours in Italy, it has risen from the lowest level since the beginning of March reached yesterday with 78.

However, the number of healed daily. They rose to 147,101 in total, an increase compared to yesterday by 2,443. The increase had been 2,677 on Tuesday.

As a result, pressure on hospitals also continues to decline. I’m 505 patients hospitalized in intensive care, 16 less than yesterday. The sick hospitalized with symptoms are instead 7,729, with a drop of 188 compared to the previous day, while those in home isolation they are 42,732, with a drop of 1,772 in 24 hours.

THE swabs carried out so far are 3,607,251, an increase of 67324 compared to the previous day. The cases tested are instead 2,290,551.

In Lombardy 65% ​​of new cases
There Lombardy has recorded 65% of new positives in Italy in the last 24 hours, with 384 of the national total of 584. The region most affected by the coronavirus also counts the 50% of new deaths, 58 of 117.

The Region announces that with 12,503 swabs performed, 216 new positives were registered in one day in Lombardy, to which, however, the 168 positive results must be added to the swab made following serological tests by individual citizens and processed by the ATS of Bergamo in the last seven days. There were 58 deaths, for a total of 15,954 since the start of the pandemic. The number of inpatients still falls, which in total are 3,801: 175 in intensive care (8 less than yesterday) and 3,626 in the other wards (+4).

The other Regions: the infections
In detail, the currently positive are 24,037 in Lombardy (-440), 6,464 in Piedmont (-477), 3,998 in Emilia Romagna (-148), 2,287 in Veneto (-144), 1,460 in Tuscany (-62), 1,269 in Liguria (-169), 3,488 in Lazio (-50), 1,450 in Marche (-125), 1,146 in Campania (-38), 477 in the Autonomous Province of Trento (-36), 1,513 in Puglia (-26), 1,318 in Sicily (-112), 356 in Friuli Venezia Giulia (-19), 866 in Abruzzo (-43), 171 in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano (-8), 32 in Umbria (-10), 215 in Sardinia (-9), 27 in Valle d’Aosta (-4), 190 in Calabria (-48), 36 in Basilicata (+0), 166 in Molise (-8).

The other Regions: the victims
As for the victims, in Lombardy there are 15,954 (+58), Piedmont 3,828 (+16), Emilia-Romagna 4,083 (+7), Veneto 1,895 (+9), Tuscany 1,027 (+6), Liguria 1,438 (+7), Lazio 701 (+8), Marche 996 (+0), Campania 406 (+1), Autonomous Province of Trento 462 (+1), Puglia 495 (+1), Sicily 272 (+1), Friuli Venezia Giulia 331 ( +2), Abruzzo 400 (+0), Autonomous Province of Bolzano 291 (+0), Umbria 75 (+0), Sardinia 130 (+0), Valle d’Aosta 143 (+0), Calabria 96 (+0 ), Basilicata 27 (+0), Molise 22 (+0).

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