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The investigation is fact-finding. A due act of the Milan prosecutor’s office after the complaint of the ADL Cobas. But the issue is very hot and at the center of many political controversies, and beyond. There is talk of the hospital at the Fair, the anti-Covid pavilion that the Region has created with donor funds but which has remained almost unused in recent months. The complaint of the union that asked to shed light on the huge “waste of resources” arrived on the desk of the adjunct prosecutor Maurizio Romanelli, head of the anti-corruption pool of the Milan prosecutor’s office, who opened an investigation at the moment without accusations and without titles of crime.
In the complaint, the union asked to “check whether the protection of private interests prevailed over the priority protection of public health” in the construction of the hospital that Guido Bertolaso ​​himself, special consultant appointed for the operation by the governor of Lombardy Attilio Fontana nicknamed “the spaceship”. And, Bertolaso ​​himself, denied the news according to which he was downloaded from Fontana: “With the president we already agree that he and also the Fair Authority, in a very short time, will make public on their website all the money they have received , by whom they received them and how they are spending them “.
The hospital was also discussed during the session in the Chamber: moments of tension between the M5s and the League when, during the first intervention after that of the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Riccardo Ricciardi of the M5s lashed out against the “Lombardia model”, causing the League’s reaction. “Those who criticize Conte propose the Lombardia model, a 21 million hospital for 25 patients, this is how tax and citizens’ money was spent,” said Ricciardi.

In the meantime, the Fondazione Fiera has announced that over 5 thousand donors have participated in the fundraising for the construction of the structure: a collection that quickly reached the total figure of 21.5 million euros. But about 17.3 were spent on the construction of the hospital. The funds “raised in excess will be destined to support the health and human health system”, the note reads, with a specific reference to the Relaunch decree “which has openly indicated the reorganization of the emergency hospital network Covid-19 ensuring for Italian regions the increase in activities in the intensive care unit ». The donors were individuals and private companies, to which were added the McDonald’s Italia Fund and the Ronald Mc Donald Children’s Foundation for the Covid emergency -19, for an amount of € 881,225; the Nexi Insieme Fund for the construction of the hospital in Fiera Milano for an amount of one million euro, specifically dedicated to the hospital modules that make up the project. Modules which – it should be noted – are “fully recoverable”. Furthermore, the donation of 10 million euros from Silvio Berlusconi had caused a sensation at the beginning of March. For the realization of the project, the work of 110 suppliers and 829 technicians and workers were used, who were at work, 24 hours a day to meet the required times, of about ten days in all. To date, 221 intensive care beds “in controlled negative atmosphere and absolute filters are present in the halls, for a total surface area of ​​24 thousand square meters. Two CT rooms, two X-ray rooms, and two for minor surgery. Six staff changing rooms were then built with 33 showers and toilets, a conference room for 70 people equipped with videoconferencing equipment, and 10 gigabytes per second of optical fiber “. The final report of the project costs – announces the note – will be published on the Fondazione Fiera Milano website by the end of July.

The Codacons, meanwhile, has filed a complaint with the Court of Auditors of Lombardy for a possible waste of public money for the construction of the structure. Thus, in addition to the Milan prosecutor’s office which has already entrusted the investigations to the Guardia di Finanza, the Court of Auditors could also deal with the matter shortly. In the complaint, the association asks “to ascertain any wrongdoing on the tax front and waste of public funds”, for a hospital that “has a capacity of about 205 beds but in reality has hosted, since its inauguration, only 25 patients”.

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