Coronavirus, the mask for the aperitif arrives safely: to drink it is not necessary to remove it


The emergency coronavirus requires the use of masks, but the question is legitimate: what use are they on the street if in bars and restaurants they must necessarily be removed for drinking? To solve the problem, a template with a hole for the drinking straw. A solution that aims to safeguard the aperitif and nightlife. For example, in Pontedera, in the province of Pisa, this type of mask is reality.The idea is of the three Pontederese Carlo Alberto Arzelà, Tristano Baldanzi and Stefano Bani, who proposed it to the Municipality. “Drinksafe – reads in a post on Facebook page – is a patented safety system that allows people to drink without having to remove the mask, and is adaptable to all main types of mask currently on the market. The Drinksafe device is reusable by sterilization and can be used numerous times ».

These models of personal protective equipment are filling the social pages. The most common model is a mask with a central valve where you can insert or remove a straw. It does not pass the air and makes it easier to respect the rules. Who does not want to give up an aperitif with friends and wants to resume a normal life arrives in the protected premises and then is forced to take off his mask taking risks. Hence the idea. Last updated: 21:41 © RESERVED REPRODUCTION

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