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Sad record WHO recorded a record 106,000 people infected worldwide in a single day, bringing the total to nearly 5 million, with about 325,000 victims (Reuters). The United States alone reported over 45 thousand new cases, while Russia more than 9 thousand (CNBC). Brazil’s situation is critical, having exceeded the threshold of a thousand deaths in 24 hours (BBC).

Return virus In an interview with the Guardian, the director of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Andrea Ammon, warns the whole of Europe against a probable second wave of infections.

Wrong model Over the past week, Sweden has been the country with the most per capita deaths in Europe, more than six per million inhabitants, with one of the highest rates in the world. This was revealed by an analysis by Our World In Data (Corriere).

High alert Spain extended the state of emergency until June 6 (El Mundo) and imposed the use of masks in closed and open public spaces (El Pais).

Waiting (almost) over Apple and Google have released the tracking technology on which the apps will be based contact tracing, entrusting it to the national health authorities that will take care of making the applications available (Repubblica). The UK is expected to have its tracking system ready from June 1st (BBC).

Alternative plan Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said he wanted to present a counter-proposal on the Recovery Fund compared to the plan devised by the Franco-German axis. The central points include the use of loans, not non-repayable loans, to be granted in exchange for reforms (Il Sole 24 Ore). A point of view also shared by the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte who together with Austria, Denmark and Sweden forms the quartet of the so-called “frugal countries” (RaiNews 24).

First indications Among the annual recommendations presented by the European Commission to Italy, the first after the emergency, the strengthening of the health system and the coordination between State and Regions stand out, not to mention the support for income and access to social security (The Print).

Moderate fun Premier Conte has launched a new warning against the resumption of nightlife and parties as they risk restarting the infections. The Interior Ministry increases the controls of the police forces in areas with multiple rooms, fines are envisaged and there is the hypothesis of a total block in the areas at risk (Courier).

Opening with caution The Minister of Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia has specified that from June 3 will be possible to move between regions as long as they are no longer among the high risk ones (Adnkronos). This morning Prime Minister Conte will report first to the Chamber and then to the Senate on the covid-19 emergency.

Workouts in safety The ministry of sport has issued guidelines for the reopening of gyms and sports centers (Ansa).

And the little ones? Repubblica writes that the restart leaves 8 million children: the kindergartens are still closed and the summer centers will leave only in a month.

Circulating virus A study by the Polyclinic of Milan on 800 donor blood samples found that before the epidemic almost 5 percent already had antibodies to coronavirus (Corriere).

High risk All 50 US states have kicked off reopenings, even if only partially, but “at what price?” Asks the New York Times. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says that a second wave (Ft) is likely in the cold months.

Unhappy expression Trump’s declaration that over 1.5 million infected people in the country represent a source of pride because it indicates a very large number of tests has raised many controversies (Sky News).

Social attack US President Donald Trump once again lashed out against China in a tweet of incompetence and being responsible for a worldwide massacre (SCMP).

Fly Transport Minister Paola de Micheli has announced the reopening of all airports from June 3 (Agi). At the beginning of the month, Alitalia will restore Rome-New York flights and connections between Milan and southern Italy (Repubblica). Meanwhile, some American airlines are updating flight safety measures (Reuters).

Fixed dates The FIGC Federal Council has determined that Seria A, B and C will have to end by August 20. In the event of further suspensions, the possibility of resorting to the playoffs and playouts will be triggered. Instead, the stop was decided for the amateur championships, including the women’s ones (Gazzetta).

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