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9.11 am – Brazil fourth in the world for deaths
Brazil has become the fourth country in the world for the number of deaths caused by the coronavirus, 28,834, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Health which report another 956 deaths in 24 hours. The South American giant of 210 million inhabitants has thus passed France and follows the United States (103,000 deaths), the United Kingdom (38,376) and Italy (33,340). Brazil also scored a new daily record of infections (26,928), for a total of 465,166 people infected since the start of the pandemic.

7 am – Over 6 million infections worldwide
Over six million positive Covid-19 cases worldwide. According to Johns Hopkins University’s updated coronavirus pandemic, the number of confirmed cases stands at 6,063,588 while the death toll has risen to 369,244. In the USA there are 1,770,384 cases (103,781 deaths), in Brazil 498,440 cases (28,834 deaths) and in Russia 396,575 cases (4,555 deaths). In the United Kingdom, where there are 274,219 confirmed cases, the death toll stands at 38,458. In Italy, Jhu reports, 232,664 confirmed cases and 33,340 deaths.

3.30 am Trump’s announcement: G7 postponed
The President of the United States has told reporters that he will postpone the G7 he wanted to hold at the White House in late June after German Chancellor Angela Merkel had refused her invitation to participate in person because of the pandemic. Trump added that he also wants to invite Russia – suspended since 2014 for the annexation of Crimea – and other countries such as South Korea, Australia and India. One of his advisers writes the New York Times, explained that the idea is to unite traditional allies to discuss China, which has become a strategic rival of the United States.

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