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11.32 am – Di Maio: we are not a lazaret we demand respect
“In recent days I have heard a lot about Italy. It does not seem to me the time for controversy, but one thing I want to say clearly: we demand respect. If anyone thinks of treating us like a lazar, then know that we will not remain immobile. Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio writes on Facebook about the reopening of borders. «We need a European response because if we act in a different and decomposed way, the EU spirit is lost. And Europe collapses “, underlines the minister. And he adds «On Wednesday 3 June the French Foreign Minister Le Drian will come to Rome. It will be his first trip abroad after the lockdown and we are happy that he has chosen our country. A certificate of closeness, which we appreciate. On Friday 5 instead I myself will go to Germany, Saturday 6 I will be in Slovenia and Tuesday 9 in Greece ». “In these meetings I will explain to my colleagues that Italy has been ready to receive foreign tourists since 15 June and that we will act with the utmost transparency – continues Di Maio -. The internal situation, all the data on the infections, will always be public. I will explain to them that we do not accept blacklists and that we have nothing to hide, indeed. We have always acted responsibly and transparently and will continue to do so. But precisely for this reason, we expect respect. “

10.58 am – US Medical Association, «WHO? harmful repercussions for Trump action »
“This senseless action will have important, harmful repercussions in the immediate and even beyond this dangerous moment.” So the American Medical Association condemns, with a statement, Donald Trump’s decision to end relations with the World Health Organization. A harmful decision, underlines the association of American doctors, “particularly because the WHO is leading the world in the development of the vaccine and clinical trials of medicines to combat the pandemic”. “Covid 19 hits everyone and does not respect borders – concludes the statement – to defeat it, the whole world must work together”.

10.41 am – Iran, today mosques and shopping centers reopen
In Iran, mosques for daily prayers reopen today, provided that health protocols are observed: President Hassan Rohani announced during the daily conference on the fight against coronavirus, adding that some restrictions on production activities have also been lifted as of today. covered shopping centers that can remain open even after 18:00. “The elimination of these restrictions does not mean that we can quickly return to the situation preceding the pandemic, on the contrary – he insisted – it will take a long time”. The contrast to the coronavirus appears even today “more difficult, while the virus is traveling from one province to another”. Rohani called on citizens to fully observe health protocols to prevent a serious new wave of COVID-19, “otherwise severe restrictions will be imposed in the country.”

9.57 am – Berlin, break of the USA with WHO setback
Washington’s break with WHO represents “a serious setback for world health”. German Health Minister Jens Spahn wrote on Twitter commenting on Donald Trump’s decision to cut bridges with the UN agency. Now, the minister stressed, the EU “will have to engage more financially with the WHO.

9.33 am – India, case record: 8 thousand in one day
India has recorded 8,000 new coronavirus cases and 265 deaths in one day. The BBC reports it. This is the highest contagion increase in 24 hours for the continent since the start of the pandemic. More than a third of the newly infected are found in the state of Maharashtra, one of the wealthiest. To date, India has recorded 173,763 Covid-19 cases and 4,980 victims.

7.10 am – USA, 1,225 deaths in 24 hours
The United States recorded 1,225 new coronavirus deaths in 24 hours, for a total of over 102 thousand deaths and 1.7 million infections. Merkel has so far declined Trump’s invitation to participate in the G7 at the end of June in the White House, media reports. Fourth consecutive day over a thousand deaths in Brazil. Latin America now has 48,500 deaths and 924,000 cases.

7 am – Football, starts again from 17 June
The Serie A football clubs voted unanimously to restart the championship by playing the 4 recoveries of the 25th day on the weekend of 20-21 June and the programming of the 27th starting from 22. And the sporting activity of the 2019-2020 season will resume immediately with the Italian Cup final scheduled for 17th.

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