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8.44 am – USA-France: Trump and Macron agree
on organization in the presence of the G7 summit
The French president, Macron, and his American counterpart, Trump, had a telephone interview during which they agreed on the organization in the presence of the G7 summit, as soon as possible. The White House reported it. The two talked about the progress made in the fight against coronavirus and the economic recovery that will follow the phase of the health emergency. Last week Macron said he was willing to travel to the US in June to attend the summit if favorable conditions were to occur.

8.36 am – Brazil, a record of infections in S.Paulo on the day of reopening
Record of new infections in the state of Sao Paulo, in the south of Brazil, on the day of the partial and monitored recovery of its economic activities, suspended for a couple of months to contain the spread of the virus. Local health authorities speak of 6,382 new positives in the past 24 hours, the highest number of cases recorded in a single day. Governor Joao Doria allowed the stores to reopen while maintaining a state of alert.

8.25 am – Phase 2, D’Amato (Lazio): Pressures to start the North again,
we are ready for countermeasures
There is too much pressure, including on the Technical Scientific Committee. If necessary, we will take countermeasures. We will not accept forcing. This was stated in an interview with MessengerLazio Health Councilor Alessio D’Amato in view of the possible reopening of travel between regions starting from 3 June. Do you think that if there is the green light for interregional travel, all the Milanese will go only to Sardinia? Do you know how many trains there are every day between Rome and Milan? I hope there is great scruple in making decisions, I see too much pressure, he notes. I dico with great clarity: we have given ourselves a method, we have to decide on the basis of a series of indicators, on numbers. If decisions are made on the basis of scientific evidence, we will have nothing to complain about. If, however, we succumb to political pressure, we will take countermeasures.

8.2o – China, no new cases or other deaths
China does not report new coronavirus cases or other deaths from the pandemic. The official toll remains at 82,995 infections with 1,734 imported cases and 4,634 deaths. Health authorities speak of four patients hospitalized in conditions considered serious and 78,291 people recovered.

8.18 am – Solinas attacks Sala: Sardinian hospitable, we ask only for caution It is not even acceptable that those who underestimated the scope of the pandemic from the beginning, basking in ideological public aperitifs against fear, today rise to the role of censor of the cautions of others outlining a non-existent context according to which they would be aimed at discriminating against the Milanese, the Lombards or anyone. Sardinia is an ancient and proud land and we Sardinians are a hospitable and generous people. for me it is unacceptable that someone could try to spark a sterile controversy over a non-existent will to discriminate against them. So the president of Sardinia, Christian Solinas, al Corriere della Sera. Cwe ask anyone who wants to come to Sardinia, from wherever it comes, a little extra caution in the interest of all: a simple certificate that certifies at the time of departure that they are not positive at Covid-19. Screening is for safe holidays.

8.01 am – Japan: moderate increase
unemployment rate at 2.6% ad April
The unemployment rate in Japan rose again in April, but moderately (+0.1 points, to 2.6%), despite the economic crisis and the declared state of emergency against Covid-19. Analysts had expected 2.7 percent higher growth. According to data published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there is a sharp drop in employment among part-time workers and agency workers in April, a consequence of the state of emergency declared by the government to stem the spread of the virus in the country. The relationship between job supply and demand declined further in April, but remains positive: there were 132 job offers for 100 candidates, according to the ministry.

7.58 am – India overtakes China by death: with 7,467 new record cases
In India, 4,706 coronavirus victims were reached, more than confirmed in China (here 4,634), 175 more than yesterday. what is read in the bulletin issued by the Indian health authorities, while the total number of people infected has risen to 165,799. In the last 24 hours there has been a record increase in cases of Covid-19 in India, 7,467 more than yesterday, or the highest figure of confirmed infections in a single day in the country. The states most affected are that of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and the capital New Delhi, which count respectively 59,546, 19,372 and 16,281 positive. Also in the number of deaths in the first place there is Maharashtra, with 1,982 deaths.

7.53 hours – Renault: cuts 15,000 seats worldwide, 4,600 in France
The French automaker Renault announces the cut of 15,000 seats worldwide, of which 4,600 in France. The layoffs take place within the framework of a three-year 2 billion euro savings plan. This vital project comments financial director Clotilde Delbos in a note. The company that suffers from global overproduction due to the crisis triggered by the coronavirus, last February had announced its first losses in 10 years now.

7.10 am – Over 5.8 million cases worldwide and more than 360 thousand deaths
There are more than 5.8 million cases of coronavirus in the world. The latest data from Johns Hopkins University speak of 5,813,919 infections. Globally there are 360,389 deaths from the pandemic (here the map of the spread in the world).

7.05 am – Ireland, 14-day quarantine for those arriving from abroad Ireland has decided to impose a 14-day quarantine period on those entering the country from abroad. Those arriving through ports and airports will have to fill in a form that allows their location in the next two weeks. Transport workers involved in the supply chain and persons entering the Republic of Ireland across the border with the British province of Northern Ireland are exempt.

7 am – Boston Marathon canceled, first time in 124 years
The Boston Marathon has been canceled. the first time in 124 years of history.

3.01 hours – USA, 1,297 victims in the last 24 hours
There are 1,297 coronavirus victims registered in the United States in the past 24 hours, updating their toll to 101,573 deaths from the explosion of the pandemic in the country. According to data released by Johns Hopkins University, there are 1,720,613 positive cases at Codiv-19, more than any other nation.

2.13 am – Coronavirus: alarm in California, record of infections
The alarm was triggered again in California where the highest number of new cases of contagion was recorded every day, well 2,617 in 24 hours. The previous peak had been that of May 5 with 2,603 ​​cases.

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