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7.40 am – China, only two new imported cases
No cases of transmission of Covid-19 locally, but two cases `imported from abroad. The Chinese health authorities have announced this by communicating the new infections recorded in the last 24 hours. In its daily bulletin, the Chinese National Health Commission specified that one of the cases was discovered in Shanghai, the other in Fujian. Compared to yesterday, there were no victims linked to the pandemic.

7.16 am – In Brazil over a thousand deaths in 24 hours
More than 25 thousand deaths related to the Covid-19 pandemic. the budget in Brazil since the beginning of the emergency. The Ministry of Health of the South American country has communicated that in the last 24 hours there have been other 1,086 deaths, for a total of 25,598. Compared to yesterday, moreover, there are 20,599 new infections that bring the total number to 411,821. Brazil is the second country in the world, behind the United States, for confirmed Covid-19 cases.

7.10 am – United States, more than 100 thousand dead
There are more than 100,000, to be precise 100,442, victims in the United States linked to the Covid-19 pandemic since the beginning of the health emergency. This was reported by Johns Hopkins University, stating that there are 1,699,933 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the US.

7.00 am – China: ok charter flights with 8 countries including Italy, USA excluded
China is about to launch a fast lane for charter flights from 8 countries, including Italy. According to documents published online by the Civil aviation administration of China (Caac) and cited by the Global Times, the agency that regulates civil air transport, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Great Britain, Germany, France and Switzerland also appear on the list , but not the United States.

6.14 am – South Korea, the number of infections dates back: 79 in 24 hours
Seoul’s health authorities have reported 79 new coronavirus cases in the country over the past 24 hours, which have brought the total since the start of the pandemic to 11,344. The South Korean Disease Control and Prevention Centers announced this today, May 28. The daily budget returned to above the threshold of 70 infections for the first time since 53 days, while the authorities continue to monitor the appearance of new outbreaks after the revocation of the emergency measures in the country, and the consequent emergence of hundreds of infections in a neighborhood of the Seoul Itaewon nightlife. In the past few hours, a new viral outbreak has been isolated at a logistics center of the Coupang e-commerce operator in Buncheon, a city east of Seoul.

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