Coronavirus, the Italian with “super plasma” that treats the sick


    <h2>Alessandro Giardini, after having touched death, is now the person with the highest number of coronavirus antibodies in all of England</h2>


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    <p><strong>Alessandro Giardini</strong>, the pediatric cardiologist who saw death in the face after contracting the <strong>coronavirus</strong>, now owns the plasma with the highest antibody count at Covid-19 in all of England, where he lives and works. In an interview with, the doctor recounted his experience by inviting people to donate plasma to treat the sick and save lives.

“I had already decided to donate – said Giardini – given that as a doctor I felt the duty to helping others. I tried to make my contribution. Returning to the hospital after all I had been through was not easy. ”

Antibody concentration 40 times more than normal

Regarding the rare condition of having a concentration of anti-covid antibodies in the blood 40 times higher than the average, the doctor explained: “According to studies, males over 35 who have been hospitalized have a higher chance of developing a plasma that contains multiple antibodies“.

Precisely because of this characteristic, NHS, the UK health system, has involved him in an awareness campaign to invite as many people as possible to donate plasma.

The story of the disease and the fear of dying

About the difficult period of the illness, Giardini told QN: “I had a very high fever, between 39 and 40.7 degrees. I immediately isolated myself and after three days I made the swab, which was positive. I stayed home for another 24 hours, but I no longer had the strength to stand up. I was afraid of dying“.

“The call to my parents in Italy – continued the doctor – was very hard: I greeted them, fearing it was the last vote. Then I called an ambulance and in less than a day I was in intensive care. For seven days I was intubated in a pharmacological coma “.

Her condition gradually began to improve, until complete recovery. “Later I found out that only 3 out of ten patients in my condition they overcame the disease, “said Giardini, adding:” Recovering is not easy, but after a few weeks I returned almost as before “.

The appeal to donate plasma

Also on Repubblica, the doctor launched the appeal: “Donate your plasma recovered from coronavirus, because today is the only way to save those who are still in intensive care. ”

There are many people who also donated plasma in the entertainment world after being cured by Covid-19: this is the case of Iena Alessandro Politi and the singer Andrea Bocelli.

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