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Milan, 26 May 2020 – Today in Lombardy have been registered 159 new coronavirus positives and 22 deaths. The total since the beginning of the emergency thus rises to 87,417 cases and 15,896 deaths. The coronavirus infection in Milan and in the Metropolitan City slightly decreases. According to data provided by the Lombardy Region, the new positives in Milan today have been 38 (22,764 since the beginning of the epidemic), of which 14 in the capital (9,638). Yesterday, 46 and 27 were infected, respectively. Comforting data also from the other provinces: no new cases were recorded in Monza and Lecco. In Bergamo and Brescia – the other two provinces with more cases – the new infections are 23 and 10 respectively.

Provincial data

MI: 22.764 (+38) of which 9.638 (+14) in Milan city

BG: 12.977 (+23)

BS: 14.489 (+10)

CO: 3.785 (+25)

CR: 6.400 (+4)

LC: 2.724 (0)

LO: 3.412 (+6)

MN: 3.327 (+7)

MB: 5.460 (0)

VP: 5.229 (+23)

SO: 1.429 (+3)

VA: 3.520 (+9)

1,901 being verified.

Gallera: “6,800 extra pads per day, 8,380 in 3 weeks”

“The network of Lombardy laboratories will be able to process immediately 6,800 extra swabs per day. And, within 3 weeks, the figure will rise to 8,380 newspapers, going from the current total daily capacity of 15,200 to 23,580 “. This was explained by the Councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region, Giulio Gallera, illustrating the organizational and technological enhancement actions implemented in these days for the execution and reporting of nasopharyngeal swabs.

Fontana thanks international staff

Today President Fontana wanted to thank all the international staff who arrived in the region during the pandemic: “It was very important when the Cubans, the Samaritans from the United States arrived we were in the midst of the storm and their help has helped us a lot, they have given a hand to our doctors and nurses to recover the energies they had spent in an exemplary way “. For Fontana, the help of doctors and nurses from all over the world was important” also not to make us feel alone, to make us understand that many people in the world look to our region, are ready to collaborate with us and have affection for our people “. The Cuban contingent was the last to leave and today it has also been abandoned the field hospital built in Bergamo by the Alpine troops with Emergency staff: “They came from all over the world – said the Lombard governor – I think it was important that on this occasion there was the participation of everyone, from the United States to those who in Bergamo got busy creating the hospital within a few days, a demonstration of great efficiency, availability and ability to face the difficulties with great solidarity towards you of the next “.

RO index, Sondrio worries

It is the phase of balance, of the ability on the one hand not to disperse the results on the containment of contagions obtained with “phase 1” and on the other hand to be able to continue opening and reducing the limitations of the “phase 2 “. The regaining of normality, or of a coexistence under control with the virus, a boundary between the two scenarios of the development of epidemic which has as indicator the R0 value, the now familiar number that indicates the contagiousness of a disease, understood as potential transmissibility of the virus. That number that if it is greater than 1 indicates that each infected infects on average more than another person (if R0 is 2 it infects on average 2, if it is 3 on average they are 3, etc …) and therefore the epidemic is in a phase of spread, while if R0 is less than 1 it indicates that an infected person infects less than one person on average, therefore the virus transmissions slow down and, with R0 close to 0, the epidemic ends on its own. Surprisingly, more than Lodi, stops at 0.65 (the best), and Bergamo or Brescia (with 0.80), the territory with the highest index is Sondrio, 0.85. Although the cases in absolute numbers are low. However, it is also a question of prospects.

Salvini silences councilor Gallera

The long wave of statements released on Friday byRegional Welfare Councilor, Giulio Gallera, about thecontagion index also arrived inside the room of the Pirellone where yesterday Matteo Salvini met the governor Attilio Fontana, the regional councilors and councilors of the League. A summit party as they do it regularly in the region. But according to reports from many quarters, yesterday the secretary of the Northern League has warmly invited her to recalibrate there communication institutional of the Region giving less space for strictly health issues (from swabs to serololgic tests up to indicators such as the contagion index) and giving more to the measures related to economic recovery and its needs. An invitation, according to some made explicit at times and according to others always remained implicit, a reduce media exposure of the Regional Welfare Councilor, now centralizing more communication on the figure of President Fontana now giving space to other members of the Executive. A Salvini then annoyed by the rain of controversy and involuntarily teasing provoked by the words of Gallera.

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