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ROME. The new infections drop from 593 to 516, but continues to be a case apart from Lombardy, which with 354 positive swabs in one day makes 69% of national cases, even if yesterday the infected in the 24 hours were more, 382. There are 14,000 swabs made in the region, compared to over 72,000 carried out throughout Italy. Deaths go up from 70 to 87, while the current ones infected by Covid are 1,811 and 285 patients have been discharged from ordinary wards, 14 those who have left intensive care.

Piedmont’s data are just improving, with 56 cases counting two less than yesterday. Those from Liguria also fall from 16 to 14, while Emilia Romagna after yesterday’s surge returns from 74 to 38 new infections. In the Veneto, the new infections (9) instead return to a single figure, while yesterday they were still few, 12. No deaths and no new Covid cases (out of 816 tampons) in the last 24 hours in South Tyrol.

The new cases in Lazio drop from 21 to 16, which are actually better than they seem because 9 of these refer to an already isolated cluster in a nursing home in Anzio. In fact, in Rome there are only 3 new infections, a historical minimum since the beginning of the epidemic.

Ten new cases of coronavirus in Naples detected in 24 hours: this can be seen from the territorial distribution of data released by the Regional Crisis Unit, which has not communicated other infections in the rest of Campania. The infections in the Campania capital have thus gone from 988 to 998, with an increase of 1 percent in a single day. For the fourth time in the past five days, the regional task force in Basilicata has reported that no new cases of coronavirus infection have been identified. Yesterday 567 swabs were tested, all negative. The excellent numbers of Basilicata also speak of only five people hospitalized with covid-19, of whom none in intensive care.

The timelapse map of the coronavirus infection in Italy: all the numbers, regions and cities affected

Meanwhile, the American continent remains the one most currently exposed to the virus. The alarm goes off again in California where the highest number of new cases of contagion was recorded daily, well 2,617 in 24 hours. A further 1,297 victims were recorded in the United States, bringing the toll to 101,573 deaths. There are 1,156 deaths in Brazil in the past 24 hours. Across Latin America there are 878,000 and 46,600 deaths. And the WHO urges not to let your guard down. The coronavirus “has not disappeared” and with the relaxation of restrictions we must prepare for the arrival “of new waves that will spread very quickly”.

Coronavirus, Giovanni Rezza (Iss): “Good trend in all regions: the lockdown has worked”

The WHO special envoy for Covid-19 David Nabarro told the BBC radio program today. Even if the lockdown measures are gradually eliminated in many countries of the world, people are invited to continue practicing social distancing as much as possible and isolate themselves immediately if they get sick.

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