Coronavirus, the first update of the day on infections and hospitalizations in Padua and Veneto


In the late morning of Saturday 30 May Azienda Zero issued the bulletin with the first update of the day on infections and hospitalizations in the Paduan area and in Veneto.


In the province of Padua on the morning of 30 May there are 88 cases of people currently positive to Covid-19 (the total since the beginning of the emergency is 3,843, with 279 deaths between hospital and extra hospital and 3,476 virological negative, therefore recovered) in addition to a currently positive – out of the 88 total – in the Vo ‘cluster. 183, however, people in solitary confinement in the whole province. The hospital of Padua currently sees 4 patients currently suffering from Coronavirus, all in non-critical area. Since February 21, 315 have been dismissed and 68 have died. In the hospitals of Schiavonia and Camposampiero there are respectively 11 hospitalized patients, two of whom are in intensive care (273 discharged and 106 dead) and one hospitalized in a non-critical area. No new deaths in the hospitals of Padua and Veneto.

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On the morning of May 30, the cases of people currently positive to Covid-19 registered in the region are 1,612, with 127 currently positive hospitalized of which 7 in intensive care (counting also the negativeized hospitalizations rise to 414 of which 30 in intensive care). On the other hand, 3,374 people were discharged from 21 February and 1,376 died in hospital who tested positive for the virus (which became 1,916 considered to be “extra-hospital”). Verona with 515 cases currently positive out of 5,098 total is the province most affected by the infections, followed by Treviso (299 out of 2,658 total), Vicenza (256 out of 2,845 total), Venice (151 out of 2,661 total), Belluno (116 out of 1,167 in total), Padua (89 out of 3,931 in total including Vo ‘) and Rovigo (35 out of 442 in total) while 28 cases are still awaiting assignment and another 316 have their domicile outside the Veneto.

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