Coronavirus, the first footballer dies: he was 25 years old, before him father and uncle died


He is a second division Bolivian, equivalent to the Italian Serie B, the first footballer in the world victim of coronavirus.

It is, reports the online edition of Marca, of Deibert Frans Roman Guzman, 25, in shape at the university club of Beni.

The fate of the young man is the same as before his father and uncle, with whom he shared residence, who were also victims of Covid-19.

The virus has exterminated the whole family, even the youngest who – theoretically but only in most cases and not always – should not have developed a serious form of the disease.

“We express our sincere condolences to Deibert Roman Guzman’s friends and family and ask God for strength in these difficult times,” said the president of the Bolivian Football Federation.

(Unioneonline / L)

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