Coronavirus, the epidemic is controlled, it indicates infections below the threshold


Italy withstands the impact of reopening. The epidemic It is currently kept by the bridle in all areas of the country, free from critical local situations that cause fear of an imminent re-ignition of outbreaks. The transmissibility index of the virus, known as Rt, is almost everywhere below the unit (here is the map). It means that the SARS-CoV-2, three months after its explosion in Lombardy, it has a low level of contagion, does not threaten to multiply exponentially.

More tampons

The monitoring data released yesterday by the Ministry of Health concern the week between 18 and 24 May and are defined as “encouraging”, with the usual prudence that characterizes the overall positive balance sheets of the last few days. If there had been signs of concern related to the resumption of production and social activities, they would have had to glimpse in the grid of numbers communicated by the Regions especially since the diagnostic network with tampons was intensified.


However, the epidemic has not gone away. And the statement accompanying the weekly report clearly says this: “The weekly incidence remains very heterogeneous in the national territory. In some Regions, the number of cases is still very high, indicating a complex but controlled situation. In other cases the cases are very limited. Caution is recommended especially when the movement of people should increase in frequency and size “. The great fear is that people, especially in the center and in the south, less affected, begin to believe that the emergency is over and to have too casual behaviors as certain images of nightlife and crowds on the beach suggest.


Minister Roberto Speranza never tires of repeating it: «The sacrifices of the lockdown have produced these results. We must continue along the path taken gradually and cautiously ». And Giovanni Rezza, director of prevention of the same ministry: «The trend is good. Of course the virus will continue to circulate, let’s not let our guard down. ” The only situation not in line with the national average is that of Molise, where the RT is at 2.2 but the weekly report stresses that “when the number of cases is very small, indices that are temporarily higher than unity may be detected due to small local outbreaks that affect the regional total without this being a worrying element ».

New wave

These are the jokes of statistics. And in fact Valle d’Aosta and Umbria, which in the previous monitoring had reported performances greater than 1, fell within the parameters. Lombardy has an Rt of 0.75, Piedmont 0.50, Veneto 0.65. Basilicata is the first region to have reached zero. Chill enthusiasm Silvio Brusaferro, ISS president, audited yesterday by the budget committee in the Senate: «The return of Sars-CoV-2 in the autumn is foreseeable. The virus has not disappeared and with the relaxation of restrictions we must prepare for the arrival of new waves that will spread very quickly. A given objective from the technical scientific point of view ».

The bulletin

In that season, coronavirus infection may become confused with flu syndromes, making timeliness of diagnosis more difficult. However, it must be considered that in recent months the health service has equipped itself a lot in terms of Covid hospitals, doctors and nurses. Civil Protection data are still improving. Coronavirus patients continue to drop, yesterday 46,175 (-1,811), the number of new infected (516, -77) is reduced by half in Lombardy (354). The dead are 87 (+17), for a total of 33,229. High number of tampons, 72 thousand. The healed in the last 24 hours are 2,240. No positive cases in Abruzzo, Bolzano, Umbria, Aosta Valley, Calabria and Basilicata.

May 29, 2020 (change May 29, 2020 | 10:21 pm)


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