Coronavirus, the countries where it is getting worse and those with the best results


In a graph composed by @tomaspueyo based on the data of the Johns Hopkins University we see the recent trend of the pandemic from Covid-19. There are data from the seven-day average of the new infections for many countries in the world.
In blue since March, the days in which cases have occurred and in red the days with the maximum number of daily cases. At the top of the chart, the author placed countries with a “hot” epidemic situation that have red boxes at this time (May 23). Below, the states that on 23 May have mostly blue squares, such as Italy.

Where it is getting worse

In the worst places Russia, Brazil, India Mexico, but also other less mentioned places like Indonesia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Egypt, South Africa. As communicated by the World Health Organization, theLatin America has become the new epicenter of the pandemic. This was said by WHO regional director Carissa Etienne, stressing that this is not the time to ease the restrictions. Of particular concern is the Brazil where there are now almost 400 thousand cases. The data confirmed in the last hours by the Ministry of Health speak of 16,324 new cases ascertained and 1,039 deaths in 24 hours. Brazil is the second country in the world by number of infections after the United States.
In Russia 8,338 new cases were identified in 24 hours (down from 8,946 on Monday) for a total of 370,680, which brings the country to third place for the number of infections in the world, behind the United States and Brazil. New surge in cases also in Indiawhich in the last 24 hours has registered over 6 thousand infections, exceeding 150 thousand in total. Premier Narendra Modi is preparing a new package of anti-coronavirus guidelines as the deadline of the fourth phase of the lockdown in effect for two months is approaching.

Trend that improves

In an intermediate band in yellow there are Sweden, the United Kingdom, the USA and Iran. We also see the new increase in cases in South Korea, a country however placed towards the bottom of the table. In Sweden another 95 people died from coronavirus bringing the total number of victims to 4,220, according to the latest update of the health authorities reported by Guardian. The cases in the only country in the world that never imposed a lockdown exceeded 35,000 after another 648 people were found positive. New wave of “return” infections (in the sense that the country had reached zero cases) in South Korea, with 49 new cases emerging in the last 24 hours and the birth of a new outbreak in a huge Bucheon warehouse for wholesale goods storage, not far from Seoul, according to the South Korean center for disease control and prevention (Kcdc) , quoted by the Yonhap agency. This is the worst daily increase for almost 50 days, in the country where there are 11,265 total infections and 269 deaths. The new data aroused alarm, having been recorded to coincide with the return of millions of students to schools. In USA the rush of the virus is slowing down in some areas, starting in New York, where Governor Andrew Cuomo highlights the most encouraging signs. The swarm of Covid-19 is pushing into the depths of the territory, reaching rural regions hitherto largely free. The New York Times has calculated that a surge is taking place in about twelve states.
The curve in a decidedly downward phase (blue in the graph) for countries like Italy, China, Switzerland, Greece, Israel, Spain, Germany and France that are struggling with the reopenings.

May 27, 2020 (change May 27, 2020 | 4:47 pm)


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