Coronavirus, the Cig hoax: here are the first checks, only 200 euros


Social safety nets turn out to be a bluff at least as regards the repayment of the month of March. The transfers for the redundancy fund have not yet arrived and when they were disbursed, the amounts are very modest. A cold shower for the many employees who were waiting for compensation for the interruption of their work following the lockdown. Especially for the redundancy fund, provided for companies with up to 5 employees, the amount of wire transfers sent by Inps is very often small, sometimes almost to the limit of the credible. Payments of 200 or 300 euros are very frequent for those who have applied for layoffs in derogation in late March. That is, almost all of the companies that had to stop the business, immediately after the start of the lockdown.

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To this is added a further damage: up 59 thousand practices of redundancy fund notwithstanding sent by the companies, the checks disbursed by Inps – according to the data updated to 12 May are only 13 thousand 877. The workers who benefited from the support are just over 26 thousand, out of an audience of over 130 thousand applicants. The reason for the small amount of financial support lies in the regulatory framework of social safety nets and in the calculation mechanism for determining the amount. Both the ordinary layoffs and the exemption ones are equal to80% of the employee’s paycheck. And the amount is calculated from the moment the activity was stopped. In a nutshell: for a worker who before the health emergency received a salary of 1000 euros and who interrupted the activity on March 16, for the purpose of calculating the amount of the layoff for “Covid-19”, it will be necessary to subtract a share equal to 20% and another share equal to 15 days before closing. From the initial 1000 euros, it will therefore be necessary to subtract 200 euros – equal to 20% less – and about another 500, which correspond to the days when the right to social security had not yet matured. And so it will come to a share of 300 euros. Another limitation provided for the CIG is that of the maximum quota, which varies according to the categories. For employees it is around 1200 euros per month. «In many cases – explains the secretary general of the Uil Giovanni Sgambati – the layoff is not equal to 80% of the paycheck, but is much lower. For a metalworker, for example, it goes from 1600 euros per month to about 900 euros. For the ceilings we asked the government for a change but there was no way. They were supposed to make a decree to change the criteria but we didn’t get anything. And there is also another matter. Many workers are recognized as part-time, even though they are working full-time. And so the figures are halved ».

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Among the social safety nets, the Wage Integration Fund it is even less convenient. “The amounts – adds Sgambati – are even lower, it is just an integration. For artisans it sometimes reaches 600 euros ». Even for the Wage Integration Fund, the delays are sensational. Labor consultants claim that 70% of workers have received no support so far. The redundancy fund has, however, reached the companies that merge into the EBAC, the craftsmanship body. “With 6 thousand 342 requests, 18 thousand workers will receive social safety nets in Campania”, underlines the director of the institution Bruno Milo.

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