Coronavirus, the canteen workers: “The last salary in March and since then the luckiest have taken 300 euros. For the summer we have nothing on the side. And in September we don’t know what awaits us”


“The last one salary we took it in March and in April it gave us only 80% of the fourteenth, just over 200 euros. Even at one-income colleagues with three children. And for the months of March and April the Wage integration fund it could not even be combined with family allowances, which helped round up the salary. ” Maria Luisa Rubella works for Solidarity and work, one of the companies to which the municipal company Milan Catering entrusts canteen and cleaning services for the 400 schools in the city. She and colleagues on Thursday morning protested under the headquarters of Lombardy region, while the same dozens of male and female workers in Rome. They had flags and signs with thearticle 36 of the Constitution: “The worker has the right to one remuneration proportionate to the quantity and quality of his work and in any case sufficient to insure oneself and the family a free and dignified existence“. In normal times they earn on average 500 euros per month and their contract includes 9 months of work e three of “suspension”. Translated: during the summer nothing is taken and “we are not even recognized figurative contributions to retire at a decent age, “he adds Eugenia Galli.

The 5 thousand workers from school contracts in Milan and province they have been stopped since late February and since then only a part has received the FIS advance from the company pending money from INPS: “The Multiservice, Integrated Services and BeB have anticipated the due. Solidarity and work no”. So, after those first 200 euros, nothing more until mid-May when the first tranche of the shock absorber finally arrived, which belongs to those who are not covered by the layoffs. “Let’s talk about 60% of the basic salary, taxed at 23%. In my case 300 euros, but I’m lucky because I work 17.5 hours per week: there are those who do less. ” So many people are in extreme difficulty and unions, he explains Roberta Griffini of the Filcams Lombardia, are taking action “to apply for emergency income, even if they are people who work and are entitled to shock absorbers “.

Now the prospect is to continue to receive the FIS until June, given that the relaunch decree has extended the shock absorbers by five weeks to be used by the end of August. “Then leave the unpaid summer suspension“, Explains Rubella. “Which is more than three because we usually take the first full salary in November. And in this emergency situation none managed to put money aside to face the three months without a salary “. However, the prospects for September are not better: “We do not know if we will return to work or if the need for distance will prevent the canteens from reopening”. Also Assunta De Chiara she is worried about the recovery: “I work for Sodexo which from the end of April anticipated the FIS: 320 euros. But the three months of suspension begin shortly and in September we don’t know what awaits us “.

The great fear of the unions makes explicit Roberta Griffini: “In September, once the blockade is over, the risk is that they leave collective dismissal procedures“. “There is a lot of discussion, rightly, about the recovery of the school in terms of teaching, because the right to study is fundamental”, he comments Marco Beretta, general secretary of the Filcams Cgil Milan. “But so is the right to a meal “. And face the situation of workers who “receive the FIS with the80% a salary that is on average 500 euros for nine months of the year. If that money doesn’t come, a social drama is created. ” The problem for Beretta “is that the procurement are considered there‘Last wheel of the wagon, it is not mentioned. But to make a work Hospitalfor example, not only doctors and nurses are needed, cleaners and canteens are also needed. And the problem also affects workers in private canteens. ”

For example Linda, who works for the group that contracts the company ‘s canteen Mondadori of Segrate closed due to Covid, says that only two days ago he received fromINPS there layoffs in derogation: net of considered are little more than 70 euros.

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