Coronavirus, the Bergamo prosecutor on the red zone: “Decision was governmental. Our duty to ascertain the facts, citizens are demanding justice”



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The establishment of the red zone in the Bergamasca should have been “a government decision”. Maria Cristina Rota, acting head of the Bergamo prosecutor’s office, said this on Rai’s microphones. Answering the question of who i was doingsolar the municipalities of Nembro and Alzano Lombardo affected by the coronavirus epidemic, one of the topics that Bergamo investigations are investigating, the magistrate replied: “As far as we know, it is a government decision. We want to work peacefully, we need peace. There is a duty on our part to do justice, in this moment we are at the first step“, That is,” reconstruction of the facts “. Rota had earlier released a note in which he stressed the duty of the judiciary to investigate the citizens’ request for justice.

“There is a demand for justice from the Bergamo population and there is the our duty to ascertain the facts making the utmost clarity on them, the evaluation of which will be made with particular attention taking into account all the particularities of the delicate situation. As known yesterday and today, Councilor Gallera and the President of the Lombardy Fountain Region were heard as informed of the facts. The prosecutor of Bergamo – reads the note – is carrying out tight investigations in order, first of all, to reconstruct the facts as they were carried out in relation to both the hospital in Alzano Lombardo and in the different RSAS of the province. Second stage – he continues – will be to ascertain whether there is a causal link between the facts as reconstructed and the events and, if so, to establish who is responsible. These are long and complex investigations that will take time. ”

Today for two hours the questions answered the governor, yesterday the commissioner did Gallera. “We waited for Rome, until the beginning of March we had always agreed with the government on that type of measures,” he told prosecutors. A substantial confirmation of the words expressed when the controversy raged as to why the area of ​​Bergamo where at least two outbreaks had developed had not been belted as happened in Lodi. For three hours Gallera explained the position of the Region, the decisions taken and also that the infection rates, already starting from February 23 and in the days immediately following, were high and worried.

The investigators found that many of the people who had arrived in the hospital in They raise Lombardo, with symptoms attributable to Covid, already in mid-February they were resident in Nembro, the neighboring country. So why hadn’t the hospital been closed? Why hadn’t it been decided to isolate the two countries? The commissioner said that only afterwards did he verify that the Pirellone could also decide for the closure: “But at that stage we had always dealt with the executive and the Higher Institute of Health”. The other two fronts instead touched by the prosecutor with the commissioner were too many deaths in the RSA (Gallera specified that there were protocols to be respected) and the closure of the hospital, on February 23, which lasted only a few hours, unlike that of Codogno (Lodi). The commissioner reiterated that he had received reassurance on sanitation, at that stage, by the hospital, explaining that the hospital could remain open to deal with the emergency.

In the past few weeks the general manager of Health Luigi Cajazzo who had recorded, among other things, that the decision to reopen Alzano’s emergency room on February 23, after ascertaining the first two cases of Coronavirus, had been “taken in agreement with the general direction of the Asst of Bergamo East “, as it was assured that it was” all right “: the premises sanitized and prepared” separate Covid and no Covid routes “.

In the list of pm also the president of Confindustria Lombardia, Marco Bonometti, who in an interview some time ago said: “In the meetings we had between late February and the first days of March, the Region has always agreed cWe do not consider any red zone on the Codogno model useful, but rather harmful to close the municipalities of Alzano and Nembro “. Between late February and mid-March Bonometti had interfaced directly with the Region, relying on the line of company closure but only on a voluntary basis.

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