Coronavirus, the anger of Russian doctors who don’t see a ruble


«Get out the rubles! We haven’t even seen a kopek! ” Between the Caspian and the Black Sea, in Armavir, they build the most powerful radars in all of Russia. And the first public protest, three weeks ago, had already made the antennas stand up: doctors, nurses, litters in front of the hospital, all against the local governor who had never released the money promised by Putin himself. From the Kremlin, they thought they could get away with firing a primary. And reiterating that the extra bonus for Covid, $ 1,500 apiece, would come soon.

But the heroes were already tired, and they were not satisfied with a scapegoat: from Krasnodar to Simferopol, to Abinsk, the dispute of white coats has spread. “Where are our prizes announced on TV?”. Not even a ruble, not even a kopek. In the end, only the police arrived. To interrogate, investigate, report the doctors. Someone will end up before the judge. With accusations, from criminal negligence to subversive activity, which can cost prison and career.

Blessed are the people who don’t need heroes. Even more, what pays them. Stunned by the grueling shifts and by the months of rhetoric that described them as supermen, the brave doctors and courageous nurses were getting tired all over the place. Heroes yes, fools no. In Belgium, while visiting Saint Pierre hospital, Premier Sophie Wilmès found herself parading among dozens of back-turned doctors who contested her unpreparedness for the pandemic. In France, nursing home staff crossed their arms, from Paris to Lille, and President Macron has guaranteed an extra check for 1,500 euros and massive investments, admitting that “significant” salary increases are needed. Also in Italy, next Friday, the protest of the health categories against temporary workers and low wages. The protest virus affects countries that have asked too much for hospitals, without giving security or financial support in return.

Third in the world by number of infections (362 thousand) Russia is also under observation for the figures on the victims: the regime media speak of a “Russian miracle”, but the 3,807 official deaths are improbable, with a mortality rate 15 times lower than in the US, 28 times lower to the English one. Moscow faced the emergency by minimizing and messing around: Russian doctors report unheard of deficiencies – “And then send 15 help planes to Italy!” – at least three of them criticized more than others and died, falling from the windows of their hospitals. Putin says that “the peak is over”, yesterday he set the big parade on Red Square for June 24: he has been keeping his troops in isolation for a month, so far he has obtained the presence of only two heads of state, the Kazakh and the Moldovan . Polls give Tsar Vladimir to the slightest liking, 59% against 90 six years ago. He says that “the peak of the virus is over”: his, who knows.

May 26, 2020 (change May 26, 2020 | 11:16 pm)


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