Coronavirus, the 100 days that shocked Cremona and the life of the Cremonese


100 days have passed since the first Italian case of coronavirus in Italy was recognized and ascertained at the Codogno hospital. Since that February 21, in over three months, the province of Cremona has cried 1,105 victims and has seen the infection of 6,448 people (according to data released by the Lombardy Region, ed.).

The first cases in the Cremona area were already certified by the Regions the following day, the establishment of the red zone for the municipalities of the Lodi region has made the situation delicate in the border areas manned by the military located in the inhabited centers and at access gates.

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The numbers – people – grew, the hospitals in the area went into great trouble, one step away from the breaking point. They managed to hold up, also thanks to the intervention of Americans (in Cremona) and Cubans (in Crema) with their respective field hospitals and the invaluable work of health workers.

Masks, gloves, sanitizing gels began to accompany the days of those who had to continue working, performing a valuable work, during the first days of lockdown and then all, when the restrictive measures began to loosen a little.

But also the economic crisis that accompanies the health emergency is redesigning and redesigning Cremona, with a layoff (CISL report) which has seen more than 50% of hours required more than the crisis of 2008. A crisis that has brought to its knees several activities. With also a “rebound” of responsibility between the Region and INPS-Government that did not help that he found himself suddenly at home without income.

A messy management that could also be seen in the RSA issue: recipients of Covid patients (in the presence of certain guarantees), but which were closed only on March 8, despite the fact that some – autonomously – had decided to block access to relatives of guests. A not easy choice, which also touches the issue of the impossibility of a last farewell to the victims.

In the midst of so much pain and many difficulties, however, there were extraordinary stories (the healing of the 18 year old Mattia, the work of the health workers, the painting during the surgery, just to give a few examples) and a solidarity that was made stronger, represented by fundraisers, that of ‘United for the province of Cremona’ in the first place, but also by a more immediate solidarity, made up of small gestures and attentions.

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The desire to start again was clear and strong in this week of easing the measures of the lockdown, the desire for normality which, however, will inevitably be made by plexiglass booths, masks and distancing. There is a desire for summer, as shown by the people who invaded the invaded center and who forced to issue a new ordinance dictated by prudence and fear of a new spread of the virus, the worst possible hypothesis. And this too – prudence and fear – for a while will remain in the lives of many, if not all, of the Cremonese, inevitably marked and conditioned by the sad Covid experience.

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