Coronavirus, tensions at the “March on Rome” event – Video


Moments of tension in the center of Rome during the unauthorized demonstration organized by the Facebook group “March on Rome” which protests against post-Coronavirus economic conditions. The demonstrators with their arms raised approached the police cordon, in riot gear, which blocked access to via del Corso. “There are people here who don’t eat. There are people who have not taken a salary for 4 months. We are hungry », shouted some demonstrators wrapped in the Italian flag. The participants, which would be around 200 people in total, say they want to reach Montecitorio.

“They made us die,” shouts a woman from Bergamo who arrived with other demonstrators in Rome. «If we are here today it is because we are truly desperate. We are decent people – one of the women told an agent – you are my brother. We are all Italians ». “Let us pass on that it is the right thing,” said another.

“They don’t make us do it and we don’t go from here,” shouted the protesters with megaphones, also marking several “traitors” and various insults towards Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. “The coronavirus is all a political, economic and social design because they want to sell us to China, Di Maio first of all – they say to Republic – making us take the vaccine and filing us. The virus doesn’t exist, that’s why we don’t wear masks, and meanwhile people are starving. ” Meanwhile, the police, including the mobile team, are forcing the demonstrators to move away from the streets of the center.

The demonstration was tense from the beginning. The protesters organized a sit in the center of the intersection, between Piazza Venezia and the beginning of Via del Corso. Many wear T-shirts with the words “March on Rome”, “and there are also representatives of Casapound” explains one of the spokesmen who speaks on the megaphone. «To the government we want to say that the virus is a Trojan horse, it does not exist – he explains – and for this reason many today do not wear a mask. They are making us fail, I don’t know what their political plan is, they want to redo the social rules. They want to confine us and register us all. ” From the group, slogans such as “freedom, freedom” and the anthem of Mameli.

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