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The covid 19 affects Latin America, in particular the most fragile sectors of the population, those who do not have a bank account, revolving or credit cards, and not even the spaces needed to live apart; not to mention the extremely poor regions with a poor health system.

In the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador there were more deaths than in the seven neighboring countries at the same time, over 14 thousand according to local sources, although the latest official data speak of almost 4 thousand deaths. Creepy scenes, corpses on the street, abandoned and then hurriedly collected by the army in cardboard coffins, with express funerals in public cemeteries.

In Brazil the 25 thousand covid deaths are approaching (in the photo the burial of a victim in a mass grave in the cemetery of San Paolo, ed.), However President Jair Bolsonaro assures that an economic crisis would produce more starvation deaths. Although it has now mitigated the initial denial, supported by fans and entrepreneurs who honk in the metropolis, it pushes for the opening of the lockdown decreed by the governors instead. The coronavirus has divided the country, the mass graves impress the Brazilians: “We are coming to barbarism,” said the mayor of Manaos, Arthur Virgilio, in tears as he released an interview with the newspaper “Folha de San Pablo”. But the peak has not yet come.

We are not at the peak in Mexico either. Here President López Obrador started off on the wrong foot, proposing a religious scapular as protection for the coronavirus, not declaring quarantine and instead inviting voluntary confinement and social distancing. Today the dead exceed seven thousand.

Colombia has the “desplazados”, thousands of peasants escaped by the conflict between guerrillas, paramilitaries and narcos. In the capitals they sell crafts, do housework or work in construction, but now they are stuck. A red curtain at the window is their way of asking for help by asking for solidarity from those who are less worse. In Guatemala, on the other hand, the sheets are white.

Venezuela has closed everything for three months and the deaths, at least the official ones are few: about twenty. But the country of oil today is in such a crisis that fuel is also rationed and imported, there are rows to obtain food, and medicines – even those for pressure – are not found, and the nearly 400 political prisoners ask in vain for house arrest. . All compounded by the economic blockade of President Trump. From the government instead comes the “hygiene kit”: a bar of soap, a razor and a deodorant, all in an envelope with the face of President Maduro.

Peru instead chose the rigid quarantine, but the population living the day did not take it well. So much as to force President Martín Vizcarra to decree a curfew: men can go out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; women on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, but the alternation system has failed miserably. It has been possible to propose up to 10 years in prison for the positives who break the quarantine. Today the dead are approaching 4 thousand.

The Sandinista government of Nicaragua did not declare confinement and even called demonstrations. President Daniel Ortega, who disappeared for 34 days, has now reappeared to defend his work in the health crisis. There are 20 official deaths, too few, in March there were 70 deaths from pneumonia, but NGOs indicate over 500 deaths.

Total quarantine in Bolivia where the presidential elections have been postponed by the provisional government, while the deposed president Evo Morales is studying from the exile in Argentina how to return.

Argentina, with eyes on the situation in Italy, immediately declared the quarantine and today the deaths do not reach 600. Now the health crisis will provide the government of President Alberto Fernández with another reason for not paying off the immense debt abroad, in the wake of default and tango bonds.

When the coronavirus arrived in Chile, protesters holding the country in check thought it was a move by the Piñera government to declare a curfew. Quarantine varies from region to region according to the progress of the infections. The deaths are less than a thousand.

Instead, the confinement to El Salvador was immediate, where President Bukele moves the reopening of the country further every 15 days keeping in force with draconian measures. The photos of the prisons with gangs of local crime, the “maras”, in underwear and a few masks leave astonished. However, the gangs at war with the government in this era of coronaviruses beat those who do not respect confinement.

Cuba instead exports doctors, many of whom see an opportunity to leave the island, even if the government grants them only a small part of the salary received. With the economic blockade of the United States, life is difficult and the queues for food are even longer.

There is also reed Costa Rica, a country without an army, which in all records ten coronavirus deaths. Nicknamed the Latin American Switzerland, despite its numerous problems, at least in this emergency it is better than the Swiss.

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