Coronavirus, Switzerland keeps borders with Italy closed: “Travel is not recommended”


Switzerland will reopen its borders with neighboring states starting June 15, with the exception of Italy. Minister of the Interior Karin Keller-Sutter announced yesterday stressing that the decision taken by the government of Rome to allow Swiss citizens to enter Italy from 3 June is unilateral. “We prefer, like the other neighboring countries, a coordinated opening. I will remain in contact with my colleague Luciana Lamorgese, “said the government representative of Bern. As already decided by Austria, therefore, Switzerland is also cautious, considering Italy a country still too much at risk from the point of view of contagions.

As of June 15, therefore, Switzerland will abolish all controls at the borders of Austria, Germany and France and citizens will no longer have to justify travel to and from these areas. “For the opening with Italy it is too early – added Karin Keller-Sutter – it has a different situation from other countries so that circulation within the state is not yet possible.” The situation in Lombardy is of particular concern to the Swiss, from which, however, entry to Switzerland for more than 60,000 frontier workers remains permitted. There will therefore be no reciprocity with the Rome decision, which from June 3 will open at the entrance of Swiss citizens in Italy. “As long as the borders remain closed, however, we do not recommend traveling to Italy” were the words of the minister.

The Swiss government also reported the easing of a series of restrictions: at the latest from 6 July, freedom of movement will return with all the countries of the Schengen area while companies will be able to return to hiring staff from third countries. Foreign students enrolled in Swiss schools will also be able to return to the country.

May 28, 2020 (change May 28, 2020 | 11:45 am)


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