Coronavirus, Sweden’s highest death rate in the world





Coronavirus, Sweden's highest death rate in the world

The curve of contagions from Covid-19 in Sweden has dropped, as well as that of deaths. But the country scanned, that it chose not to put in place lockdown measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus, it remains in first place in Europe and worldwide for the number of deaths per capita.

In total, 3,871 deaths in Sweden from coronavirus complications, 40 more in 24 hours. And 649 people were positive in one day, bringing the total number of infections to 32,172, as the health authorities have announced.

But what makes Sweden’s “trust” strategy fail are 6.25 deaths per million inhabitants per day on an average of seven days between May 12 and May 19, according to This is the highest value in Europe, if compared, for example, to the fact that Great Britain recorded 5.75 deaths per million. But even higher in the world, considering that in the United States there is a rate of 41.7 deaths per million.

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