Coronavirus, Summer 2020 Beaches Plan. An app to manage entrances arrives in Rome


CORONAVIRUS ROME BEACHES – For the summer on the beaches of Rome arrives SEAPASS – THE SEA OF ROME, an “app” for mobiles and tablets thatCapitoline Administration it has put in place to inform citizens in real time about the state of receptivity of the beaches and to avoid both gatherings at access gates and movements on the coast when there is no availability of places.

“We want to allow citizens access to the beaches of Rome in total safety and in compliance with the rules laid down by national and regional regulations. Citizen safety is our priority. With the SEAPASS – THE SEA OF ROME app you can in fact monitor the situation of the beaches in real time so you can decide whether to go to the sea with the certainty of being able to access the free beach. I am sure that, even on this occasion, Roman citizens will be collaborative and responsible “says the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi.

“We worked on this plan to guarantee the many swimmers who go to the Roman coast every year to spend a summer in total safety. In addition to the beaches, we also wanted to reorganize the Ostia promenade: we will pedestrianize about 4 kilometers and we will create a cycle path that will in fact allow you to travel by bicycle from the Tourist Port of Rome to the Rotonda in front of Via Cristoforo Colombo. A plan to welcome everyone in the best way, guaranteeing safety and leisure opportunities, “explains the president of the Town Hall X Giuliana Di Pillo.

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, it became necessary to implement the rules regarding the use of the beaches during the summer season. For this purpose, the Strategic Plan for the Seaside Season 2020 has been drawn up with which a series of actions and measures have been identified that aim at a direct control of the free beaches by the Municipality of Rome. The guideline for the preparation of this Plan was to allow citizens free access, ensuring safety both on the beach and off the beaches.

The Capitoline Administration is installing wooden poles, colored in white and red, which will indicate where to park and therefore the space available on the beaches in a way that complies with the provisions of the legislation. Each pole will guarantee the use of a space of 25 square meters and can contain a maximum of 6 people.

The Roman coast will be divided into 3 sectors: Castel Porziano and Capocotta; Ostia Centro; Ostia Ponente. Each sector will contain multiple beaches and each beach will contain one or more gates. In all, the gates will be 22 and will be manned by an operator who will monitor both incoming and outgoing people and will take care of entering the attendance data in real time on a PDA at his disposal.

To ensure compliance with the physical spacing, checks will also be carried out by controllers, some of whom on board a Quad, who will travel the beaches and the coast in all its length, from the Tourist Port of Rome to the beaches of Capocotta, preventing any gatherings sull’arenile.

In addition, the stretch of waterfront that goes from Giuliano da Sangallo to the roundabout in via Cristoforo Colombo will be pedestrianized with the aim of welcoming people who will not go to the beach, allowing them to walk, ride a bike or sit on benches equipped with shading structures. Inside the area there will be a cycle path which, in fact, will allow you to travel by bicycle from the Tourist Port of Rome to via Cristoforo Colombo.

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