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The cases of athletes’ coronavirus positivity and the various national restrictions have led to the postponement of sports competitions, including the European Football Championships and the Tokyo Olympics. Here are the news of the day from all over the world.

Cancellation of the entire 2020 season due to the coronavirus pandemic: the Mackenzie Tour, commonly known as the PGA Tour Canada of golf, has put the end point on a year to be canceled. The restrictions on the border and the mandatory 2-week quarantine for those coming from abroad convinced the Canadian organization to take the only possible decision, to cancel the season. “It was not possible to move forward and this was the best choice for all professionals”. It’s the bitter reflection of Scott Pritchard, tour executive director.

“We are satisfied with the decisions made: as was in the wishes of President Pozzo, the danger of accidents is lessened by these additional 10 days available for physical preparation. After which it will be played every three days and it will be a special situation, we However, we try to prepare ourselves as best we can to face this particular challenge of playing a third of the championship in just over a month. There are still some unknowns: it is not yet clear how the classification would crystallize if one of the teams ended up in isolation and there was no more time to finish the championship without postponing the next one further. This is certainly a factor that will have to be established in the shortest possible time “: stated the director of the technical area of ​​Udinese Pierpaolo Marino to Udinese Tv. “In 10 months we will have to play a championship and a third, something that never happened in the history of football – he added -. However, on the table they remain various problems such as the market, also and above all because there are currently 92 players in the junction in Serie A and it is necessary to see how the clubs will want to manage the situation. It will also be necessary to see if the clubs and the players will accept the proposal to extend the contracts for a further two months “.” It is clear that the AIC will also not have to exaggerate regarding the time slots of the matches – concludes the manager from Friuli -. Already in the past sacrifices have been made, not to mention the matches of the first rounds of the Coppa Italia which are played in the afternoons of August, so I don’t think these are the real problems “.

Four plans to start again in the NBA championship and a certain date, on July 31 from Disney World, Orlando, where a real bubble will be created. Arenas built in the available spaces, hotels at the complete disposal of the NBA for players and professionals. A sort of forced quarantine until the ring is delivered strictly behind closed doors. Knowing that from the 8 billion in revenue foreseen for the 2019-20 season there will be a figure between 1 and 2 billion. The players will have at least 3 weeks of training camp to prepare and would have asked to avoid starting directly with the playofs. The first plan presented by the commissioner Adam Silver is to play only the playoffs: The regular season is declared over on March 11th. The 8 teams for the conference in the playoffs at that time meet at Disney World to finish the season directly with the postseason. If so, these would be the games to be played: 1 Bucks vs 16 Magic; 2 Lakers vs 15 Nets; 3 Raptors vs 14 Grizzlies; 4 Clippers vs 13 Mavericks; 5 Celtics vs 12 76ers; 6 Nuggets vs 11 Pacers; 7 Jazz vs 10 Rockets; 8 Heat vs 9 Thunder. The second flat is with 20 teams: 16 in the playoffs on 11 March plus Pelicans, Blazers, Kings and Spurs. The teams are divided into 4 groups of 5 (bands according to the record) and play 8 games of this group stage. The first two of each group go to the playoffs, which would therefore start from the second round. The third plan is to resume with 22 teams, the most popular by Espn because everyone would have playoff ambitions: the 16 in the playoffs plus those that on March 11 were no more than 6 games from the postseason. So Wizards, Blazers, Kings, Spurs, Pelicans and Suns. Each of the 22 teams plays at least 8 regular season games, then a tournament will determine the 8th of each conference. At that point we proceed with the playoffs. The latest format requires that all teams resume the season at Disney World playing the number of games necessary to reach 72 each, thus reaching the minimum threshold to obtain the rights of local TV. The 8th place of each conference will be determined by a mini tournament. Then we proceed with the playoffs.

“Football was good but now you learn the lesson.” So the president of CONI Giovanni Malagò in an interview with the ‘Press’. Also on the podium was Minister Spadafora: “He has not derailed from his path and succumbed to temptation: no discount on football compared to citizens on protocols”. What about club fights on the calendar? “Nothing new”.

“We hope we can rethink and lighten the issue of quarantine”. Dr. Gianni Nanni, social doctor of Bologna and representative of the Medical-scientific Commission of the Figc. “We have to hope that there are no positive problems – he told TG3 Region – Because if the quarantine remains, this would create huge problems of lost games and difficulties in recovering them”.

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