Coronavirus, skip the Gerundium Fest At least 160 people worked there –


A turnover of about 500 thousand euros, work for 160 people, money for charities for local associations, a date to perform insured for about thirty musical artists as well as an influx of 130 thousand people who contributed to making the name of the country where it takes place. There is so much in the “Gerundium fest” of Casirate d’Adda that the organizers this year, due to Coronavirus, have decided to cancel

. The news was in the air and on Friday 29 May, on the official Facebook page of the event (now in its twenty-second edition), it was made official: “Until the last day – we read – we hoped not to have to give you this news but we have no alternative: Gerundium fest 2020 will not be there. It is impossible to ensure high safety standards and to think of giving the same service as always, in spite of ourselves … let’s meet in 2021 ».

«Our structure has a capacity of 4,800 people – explains Leonardo Remonti, one of the organizers – with these numbers it is unthinkable to be able to keep the safety distance to all those who are sitting at the tables or in line to serve themselves. Therefore, this year’s edition can only be canceled.

For that of next year we will see what rules for the organization of this type of events will be established. What is certain is that we are especially sorry for the work that the Gerundium fest gave ». A hundred people usually hired for the 32 days of the party including many university students eager to earn some money. Plus about twenty employees in the pizzeria service and about forty in the Tyrolean restaurant managed by a catering service in Vipiteno.

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