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Pierpaolo Sileri, Deputy Minister of Health (Ansa)
Rome, 25 May 2020 – Times are tightening for the release of theImmune app that will serve to trace the contagions from Coronavirus in Italy. “There comes in 10-15 daysit will be ready for the first ten days of June, “said the deputy minister of health today Pierpaolo Sileri speech on Radio24. “The app – he added – is part of an important reorganization of territorial medicine and preventive medicine, it is a tracing very important which will give further information on the tracing and spread of the disease itself “.

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Source code published

Meanwhile the Ministry of Innovation published the source codes of the app, that is the last part of Immuni that is not yet known. During the night on Github, the platform where developers from all over the world can discuss specific projects, the documents on the operation of the contact tracing app software chosen by the government were uploaded.

Last May 16th one of the founders of Bending Spoons, Luca Ferrari, also on Github had published a series of technical specifications on the functioning of the app, where the operation was described. On May 20 instead Google and Apple they released their software update to facilitate communication between Android and iOS devices via Bluethoot, effectively giving the go-ahead for the development of national applications authorized by the health systems of each country.

Immuni, confirmed in this new series of published documents, will follow the decentralized model of Google and Apple, which means that the collected data will be stored on individual devices and not on a central server; it will not track the movements, but only some of the contacts between smartphones; it will not be mandatory to download it or use it; the collected data may be shared only with the authorization of the smartphone owner; all data collected and shared with the central server (managed by Sogei), must be deleted by December 2020.

The Privacy Guarantor

“In these hours he is about to arrive at Guarantor the documentation relating to the evaluation of impact on privacy that the Ministry of Health has done on the Immuni app and on which we will have to give a final opinion “, said the president of the Authority for the protection of personal data Antonello Soro during the hearing in the Parliamentary Commission of the Chamber. “At present – explained Soro – the rule that the government has sent to Parliament responds to the requests we had made on the voluntary choice. It is not expectedalso the geolocation which is another element that we had not recommended because it is less effective. A series of talks that have taken place over the past few weeks should have served to remove doubts and should allow us to advise Italians to download the app. ”

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