Coronavirus Siena, professor of the University hypothesizes that there may be a genetic shield in southern Italy


There is one genetic shield who protected theSouth Italy from the fury of Coronavirus which has brought the regions of north? “The hypothesis is to be validated before draw conclusions certain, but it is already founded on solid foundations scientific ” Antonio Giordano, teacher Pathological AnatomyUniversity of Siena, as well as founder and director of the Institute Sbarro for the cancer research and the molecular medicine of Philadelphia and in the scientific board of the Higher Institute of Health, as a delegate of the Ministry of the Environment, with a mandate on the links between diseases and environmental injuries. It is among the authors of a article Published on Frontiers Immunology entitled “Covid-19 and high mortality in Italy: let’s not forget genetic susceptibility”. Giordano explains: “It is an opinion that anticipates a very important work that we are conducting on the topic “. The idea, in summary, is that among the key factors that have contributed to drawing the epidemic map so clearly in our country there is also” a “interaction between DNA and the environment, a form of defense, a genetic protective structure against the more serious effects of the pandemic pathogen, which by numbers seems more widespread in the south than in the north “.

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