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The swabs carried out were 1,336. In total, 1,453 people are still infected, 59 fewer than yesterday
There are only two new infections in Sicily in the last 24 hours, after not even one case of positivity had been registered yesterday, while the healed increased. Furthermore, no death occurred. This was announced by the presidency of the Sicilian Region.

In the meantime, Mondello, the beach most frequented by the people of Palermo, with the temperatures and a decidedly summer scenario, came back crowded all day yesterday. A massive presence of people, which made it difficult to comply with the spacing measures required by the anti-Covid rules. (ALL UPDATES – PHOTOS WHAT OPEN ON MAY 25 – PHOTOS MAYORS AGAINST MOVIDA)

18:07 – Only two new infections in the last 24 hours, no deaths

Only two new infections in Sicily, after not even one case of coronavirus positive people had registered yesterday, the number of patients recovered and no deaths increased. This is the summary of the situation on the island. Since the start of the checks, 133,249 swabs were carried out (+1,336 compared to yesterday), out of 117,242 people: 3,423 (+2) were positive, while 1,453 (-59) are still infected, 1,701 have healed ( +61) and 269 died (0). Of the current 1,453 positives, 100 patients (-4) are hospitalized – 9 of whom are in intensive care (0) – while 1,353 (-55) are in home isolation. The next regional update will take place tomorrow. The presidency of the Sicilian Region communicates this.

17:56 – Asp Palermo, Cup reservations only for some exams

From tomorrow, the reservations for visits to the Cup desk of the Asp of Palermo will still be maintained only for the priority classes U (urgent) and B (indifferent), carried out as done so far. For services with priority class D (different), the councilor’s indications provide primarily for the recovery of services suspended during the period in which the restrictive measures are in force. Deferred services will be reprogrammed and gradually reabsorbed in outpatient activities. A similar method will be adopted for the recovery (within the next 5 weeks) of the services with priority class P (programmable), booked before the block and for which priority will be given to the services of patients suffering from chronic diseases or rare diseases. In the next few days Asp Palermo will communicate the reopening date of the new deferred and programmable reservations. To avoid gatherings in outpatient clinics and PTAs, all the electronic procedures adopted so far for which it will not be possible to physically go to the ASP offices are maintained, that is, medical change, assisted registry, ticket exemption; aids and aids request; integrated home care; therapeutic plans.

17:43 – Patient transferred from Guinea to Palermo: now he speaks and eats

“My husband Jaime is not moving yet, but is talking and eating, his situation improves day by day, he is very grateful to everyone for what has been done for him. He hopes to be able to personally thank those who have helped him”. Chiara Beninati, wife of Jesus Jaime MBA Obono, 49-year-old computer scientist, Italian citizen, originally from Equatorial Guinea, picked up on 6 May from the hospital of Malabo on an Air Force flight, thanks to the intervention of the Farnesina and to the Ministry of Defense, after he was hospitalized in serious conditions in late April, hit by coronavirus. Jesus Jaime has been hospitalized in intensive care in the ‘Vincenzo Cervello’ hospital in Palermo since May 7. Confirmation of an improvement in his health also comes from the hospital’s director of intensive care, Baldo Renda: “The patient’s condition has greatly improved. He still has to fully recover the motility in his limbs and is also doing physiotherapy. He is breathing well, independently”.

15:54 – The mayor of Marsala: “No to Covid hospital in San Biagio”

“I am against the transformation of the former San Biagio hospital in Marsala into Covid hospital. It would be a waste of public money for something that could never work. All of this I have said publicly to the regional councilors Ruggero Razza and Mimmo Turano, as well as to the former general manager of the Asp of Trapani, present in the City Council on May 7 “. This was stated by the mayor of Marsala, Alberto Di Girolamo, who also disputes the news that on 7 May he participated in the inspection in the premises of the old hospital of Marsala (eighteenth-century former convent of San Francesco, on the back of which, in the another building was built) with the regional councilors Razza and Turano and the former director general of the Asp of Trapani, Fabio Damiani, arrested last Thursday by the Guardia di Finanza as part of an investigation into rigged contracts and corruption. The transformation, by decision of the Region, should take place by autumn. “I did not go to the former San Biagio hospital, neither with the councilor Razza, nor with others” says the mayor Di Girolamo. The inspection was carried out after the meeting held in Sala delle Lapidi of Palazzo VII Aprile, seat of the Municipal Council of Marsala.

15:48 – Checks in the square in Modica, attacked a policeman

A man is wanted since yesterday evening after he attacked and slightly injured a policeman in Piazza Matteotti, in Modica, in the Ragusa area. Some young people from outside the EU insulted the officers of the police station and the local police who were carrying out checks to avoid gatherings. At the time of identification, the guardians of the order were attacked by a boy who then managed to escape. Police service car damaged.

14:04 – Mayor Palermo: “Without aid, Municipalities towards bankruptcy”

“There is no government that can withstand the bankruptcy of municipalities and the interruption of services to citizens, families and businesses that would result from it.” The mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando, says that “if the national government continues along the path taken, it will assume the political and social consequences of its choices and sanction its suicide, with a self-shouldering”. “For weeks – he adds – the mayors continue to repeat that the risk of collective bankruptcy is increasingly high and imminent, but the answer has been a long list of partial, dilatory and insufficient measures. There is basically the problem of what there appears to be an attempt to institutional delegitimization of the figure of mayors who would like to be reduced to the role of passacarte “. “It is necessary – he concludes – a very urgent change of course, with immediate measures of the national government of which only the president of the council can and must act as guarantor, to whom we have asked for an urgent meeting with the mayors of the metropolitan cities. We first ask for a series of measures at zero cost to the State: the power of order is restored, which corresponds to the possibility that the auditors exercise their prerogatives; the constraints of the stability pact are abolished which slow down or completely block the expenditure of the sums already available; Provision fund parameters and for the use of administrative surpluses. These measures will necessarily be added to those for financial support, especially to compensate for the very high tax losses that all Municipalities are suffering from the cut of Tosap, Tari, Tax of stay and certainly also for the additional Irap and Irpef. Finally, I’ll be back to ask for a re even modest financing of interventions for food and basic necessities “.

10:56 – A Modica software to monitor access to beaches

It is called Lidolido, the software created by the company Orango di Modica, to respond to the need of tour operators and municipalities to comply with the prevention measures that they are required to adopt in phase 2, including those of physical distancing, definition and respect of the maximum capacities and conservation of the guest register. It is a system for collecting, sharing and recording information about the number of presences on the beaches where the bathing establishments and, in the case of free beaches, the municipalities or other public bodies would convey the data on the entrances and exits from the areas of their competence. The information on the population of the beaches would be visible in real time by citizens via the web, thus discouraging crowds in already full areas.

10:00 – Mondello: Palermitans storm the beach

Mondello, the beach most frequented by the people of Palermo, with the temperatures and a decidedly summer scenario, has returned to being crowded since yesterday morning and throughout the day. A massive presence of people, which made it difficult to comply with the spacing measures required by the anti-Covid rules. In the early days of Phase 2, after the lockdown, many Palermitans had already stormed the beach and on Saturday the numbers increased. The controls were immediately triggered, but enforcing the obligation imposed by the Region on bathers not to “stop” on the beach was not easy. According to the ordinance, you can in fact swim for motor activities, but you cannot take a tan or stop on the beach at least until June 6.

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