Coronavirus: seized one million unsafe masks


Over one million masks, personal protective equipment, do not comply with European and national legislation on the safety of products discovered by the financiers of the Provincial Command of Rome in a warehouse in the Prenestino district. The yellow flames of the III metropolitan operating nucleus, coordinated by the Prosecutor of the Capitoline Republic, monitored the procurement channels of the economic operators who have recently suffered several seizures, going back to a company attributable to two Chinese, in whose warehouse it was found a container containing surgical masks from the People’s Republic of China, hidden behind two pallets of clothing.

Some unduly had the CE mark, while others did not possess the self-declaration to be sent to the Higher Institute of Health and INAIL for the attestation of the technical characteristics and compliance with safety requirements, exception exceptionally allowed by the government precisely for face the ongoing health emergency. A large-displacement car and around 10,000 euros in cash was also confiscated, likely from the illegal activity. The two managers will have to answer before the Judicial Authority for commercial fraud, receiving stolen goods and selling counterfeit products.

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