Coronavirus, school unions strike on 8 June. M5S: “Out of place”


The main acronyms of the education sector have proclaimed agitation in what will be the last day of virtual school in many Regions. For organizations, the MIUR gave “unsatisfactory” answers on staff enhancement, competitions and ways to return to class safely in September

No increase in the number of teachers and school collaborators, no request to reduce the maximum number of students per class, no competition reserved for the directors of general and administrative services acting with at least three years of service and no additional resources for the renewal of the contract. With these reasons, in the aftermath of the approval of the School decree in the Senate, the main trade union acronyms of the sector – Flc Cgil, Cisl Scuola, Uil Scuola Rua, Snals Confosal, and Gilda – proclaimed a strike for next June 8th, date that in many Regions marks the end of the lessons this year, which due to the coronavirus emergency (LIVE UPDATES – THE SPECIAL – GRAPHICS) have been taking place online since February. The meeting held yesterday, March 29, by the unions with the Ministry of Education gave, according to the acronyms, “absolutely unsatisfactory” answers to their requests. Against the strike, however, the 5 Star Movement, which called it “incomprehensible and out of place”.

“To restart we need extraordinary investments”


School, from safety to hygiene distances: the Cts protocol for return

To restart safely in September, once the most intense phase of the pandemic is over, according to the unions “extraordinary investments are needed, not small adjustments”. Yet, the acronyms explain, “except for the updating of the rankings of the alternates, the unions had to take note of the total absence of specific commitments on all the other issues set out in the letter sent for the conciliation attempt” by the MIUR. In particular, “no availability with respect to the request for a strengthening of the staff of the teaching staff and ATA, the need for which is made clear by the contents of the document with which the Technical-scientific Committee indicates the indispensable measures for a safe restart of the activities in presence ”, including the distancing and the division of pupils into small groups. “This document – the unions continue – made the insufficiency of the resources allocated to the education system to deal with the emergency even more evident.”

“Classes of maximum 20 students”

Other requests made by trade unions and not accepted by the ministry include that of “ensuring strict compliance with the limit of 20 pupils per class in the presence of students with disabilities, reviewing the parameters for the sizing of educational institutions at least in the present emergency , provide for the safety of buildings and promote regulatory changes that take school managers away from improper responsibility for building maintenance “. This, the acronyms conclude, “adds to the failure to implement the commitments that would have allowed many precarious workers with at least three years of service to stabilize their employment relationship as early as next September, just as there is no certainty as to the resources to be used for renewal. of the contract for the three-year period 2019-21 “.

“There is no clear plan to go back to school”


Dl School, agreement on precarious competition and stop to grades in elementary school

All this, according to trade unions, shows the lack of a strategy for returning to school after months of distance learning. “There is a strong fear of the reopening of schools, as today there is no clear and well-defined project on how to return to face-to-face teaching – they continue -. The staff of the school in recent months has given a great test of responsibility, civic sense, passion for their work: these cannot be the only resources to rely on, it is time to do their part to the end. responsibility to govern the country “.

M5S: “Incomprehensible and out of place choice”

Against the strike of 8 June, the 5-Star Movement expressed itself, which in a note signed by the representatives of the Pentastellas in the Education Committee in the Senate argues that “launch a strike in front of such an important commitment and above all in such a delicate and precarious context since the coronavirus emergency it is an incomprehensible and out of place choice “, in light of the fact that” one billion has already been allocated and another billion and a half is foreseen with the measures contained in the Relaunch decree “. However, concludes the M5S, “the decision of the acronyms to proclaim the strike does not surprise us. All these weeks during which we worked on the text of the decree were characterized by very strong pressure, which saw the unions on the front line of the opposition to a real, selective and meritocratic test, for the recruitment and stabilization of teachers precarious. On this point, there is no going back, if they make a reason. ”

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