Coronavirus, Sala: “Not on vacation where they ask for tests”. Solinas: “Have decency to keep silent”


Milan, 27 May 2020 – It is open clash between the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala and the president of the Sardinia region Christian Solinas sthe opportunity to a passport-health certificate of negativity to Covid-19, to ask all tourists in arrival on the island starting from June 3rd.

“I see that some presidents of the Region, for example that of Liguria, Giovanni Toti, say that they will welcome the Milanese with open arms, others, I will not quote them, say ‘maybe if they do have an immunity license’ is better” – said the first citizen of Milan in a video posted on social media – here I speak as a citizen even before a mayor: when I decide where to go for a weekend or a holiday I will rememberor”.

Solinas, who together with the governor of Sicily Musumeci is the major supporter of the passport, has immediately replicated that “Hall on coronavirus should use the decency of silence, after his infamous public aperitifs in full epidemic. Nobody asked for improbable immunity licenses, but a simple certificate of negativity “. And he explained that “Sardinia did it just for to be able to welcome all citizens in the best and safest way, also and above all those who would be severely penalized if the government went ahead in the hypothesis of blocking the mobility of residents in regions considered to be at higher risk than those at low risk “. Moreover,” with my proposal, even a citizen of Milan could enjoy immediately the holidays in Sardinia by making a simple test that certifies the negative nature of the virus at the time of departure “. Solinas concluded:” This one from Sala is yet another unhappy exploitation to look for a media spotlight which, in other ways, already belongs to him on this issue and which we will hardly forget “.

The first citizen of Milan thus intervened again on the subject with a post on Facebook: “Apart from the fact that it’s not that easy to have these tests, I think it’s wrong discriminate Italians by regions of origin. Milan and Lombardy will always be lands of freedom and hospitality. We expect the same from the rest of the country. “Sala, who spoke directly to Solinas, finally specified that” he should respond politely to what he said. I spoke personally, but I don’t really pull my hand back: I would not go on vacation where a test of negativity to the virus was required “.

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