Coronavirus, Rossi and the reopening of regional borders: “Wait a week”


Florence, 31 May 2020 – “Wait even a week, and also arrive in Lombardy with a very small number of infections, it would give security to all of Italy and perhaps it could be reopened with greater tranquility “,” would be a reasoning of simple common sense “since the data on contagions “they are not yet settled” and Lombardy still maintains a “heavy impact”. The president of the region said so Enrico Rossi to Sky Tg24. For Rossi also among citizens “there is a widespread feeling of concern“.

“We risk a little – he added – to send a swinging message, based on emotions”. The “current is that everything is over: it is not so, the phenomena are not settled, even in Tuscany: the other day there were two cases of contagion, yesterday 12.”

Where there are hundreds of them “I am a little stunned to see this strong push to start doing everything as before, I would be more cautious. I don’t want to do it sheriff – he concluded -, they are not for the war between the Regions but my invitation to the Government is to consider these aspects too “.

Regarding the possibility of people to move in Italy and how to protect the citizens of individual regions, it is not possible to speak of “certificate of immunity, which obviously does not exist, and it is not even possible to think of particular protocols, of health passports between region and region, these frankly seem nonsense to me. And if some of my colleagues are able to demonstrate that it is possible, I will try to imitate him but I don’t believe “.

Rossi poo spoke about the date of elections regional: “I am referring to the government’s decisions on this too. I am about to expire and can no longer be submitted because I have made two terms. I do not tear my clothes off. It really seems to me that July, as some governors claimed, it is too early, and the risk is that citizens do not want to see our big faces on the posters at all. And then in September this discussion between the first of the month and the 20th seems abstract to me. Decide on the government when the best time is. ”

Regarding the economic question “after August, September, we will not be able to continue thinking only about living on transfers is subsidies“, work” can also restart the recovery “. And” there are European resources, they begin to take immediately for example those of Mes and let’s see how they can be committed: they are 37 billion, they can be spent at zero interest, without conditions, but let’s do it immediately, it is not the time of the political divisions of manner: today I believe that Zingaretti appealed to national concord, we need this ” .

“A great signal is also given by the President of the Republic who will go to Codogno to celebrate June 2nd. I think the country has above all this choral commitment, “said Rossi.

Regarding the discussion that will reopen in relations between the Region, State, Municipalities, for Rossi “it would be enough to introduce an article that in reality in times of emergency is already foreseen by Title V of the Constitution, that is, that the Government has supremacy over the Regions. I agree that the Government exercises its functions but it must be strong enough, authoritative and capable of directing “. So Rossi says to the contrary, for the revival of tourism, that “each region presents itself on its own, let’s do it together, especially if we have to go to the big international markets. We must have an industrial policy: it takes a great spirit of collaboration, and this depends from the public spirit that politics must build. I believe that citizens are ready for this leap, they are fed up with controversy “:” Politics is also made of controversy which must however be functional to finding solutions “.

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