Coronavirus Rome, latest news 18new cases: lowest figure since 10 March. At San Giovanni, serological tests for private citizens


The end of Ramadan, tomorrow, will also be celebrated this year in compliance with anti-assembly laws. The risk of mass encounters is high, so the Islamic Cultural Center of Italy intervened, or the Great Mosque of Rome, to announce that the month of Ramadan in the year 1441 of the Hegira – time of fasting and penance for Muslims – will end today in Italy (Eid al-Fitr, the Feast of the breaking of the fast, will be tomorrow) with some restrictions. The secretary general of the Islamic Cultural Center of Italy, Abdellah Redouane, in transmitting greetings to all Muslims, reminded all the faithful that, in the current situation, for precautionary reasons, the Centre’s board of directors has ordered that the Great Mosque will remain closed. Spaces prohibited up to date to be allocated. The invitation is to continue to apply the provisions of the law on the containment of Covid-19, which continue to prohibit gatherings. It is then remembered how it is possible to perform the prayer of the Feast of the Break of the Fast even at home, together with cohabitants. Meanwhile, the data on the new positives in Lazio today are decreasing and with the 18 new cases the lowest figure since 10 March is reached, with a trend of 0.2%. 88 patients were hospitalized at Spallanzani hospital, of which 41 were positive for Covid-19 and 47 underwent investigations.

4pm: in Lazio 18 new cases, is the lowest figure since 10 March
The balance sheet of the day of the regional task force: «Since yesterday we have recorded 18 new positive cases, this is the lowest figure since 10 March, with a trend of 0.2%. The number of people healed has grown by 65. There were 3 deaths plus 4 recoveries of notifications, while the healed continue to grow, reaching 3,350 in total ».

2.50 pm: San Giovanni hospital, citizens’ serological tests at the start
The Lazio Region Health Department announces that serological tests for private citizens will start on 28 May. It is the first hospital in Rome that works in this direction, having finished the staff screenings. The test can be carried out at the rate established by the Region of 15.23 euros.

12 noon The bulletin of the Spallanzani hospital: 88 hospitalized
At the moment 88 patients are hospitalized at the National Institute for Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani in Rome, of which 41 are Covid-19 positive and 47 undergoing investigations. Eleven patients need respiratory support. It is the information contained in today’s hospital bulletin. 448 patients are discharged and transferred to home or to other territorial structures.

11.10 am Viterbo: historic center ztl again active from Monday
The historic center of Viterbo will be active again from Monday 24 May. To remember it is the mayor Arena. While the pedestrian area of ​​Corso Italia, via Roma and surrounding areas has been active again since last May 18, the validity of the restricted traffic area in the historic center has remained suspended for these days. The historical center ztl will be active from 10.30 to 13 and from 16 to 20 every day “, concludes the note.

7 am: (Clarida Salvatori) also at Spallanzani study on the use of plasma as therapy
Spallanzani also starts a study on the use of plasma as a therapy against
Covid-19. The National Institute of Infectious Diseases has selected donors from Covid patients for plasma treatment. “The Spallanzani Institute, in agreement with the Hematology unit of the San Camillo hospital and the Department of Oncohematology and cell and gene therapy of the Child Jesus, announces that an experiment is underway on the use of hyperimmune plasma by patients post-Covid convalescents ». (Read the full article)

May 23, 2020 | 10:22


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