Coronavirus Rome, at the start of September lessons in canteens and courtyards for six out of ten schools in Rome


At the resumption of lessons, six out of 10 schools in Rome will not be able to respect Covid distances in ordinary spaces. So much so that the principals are already gearing up and, meter in hand, they study the alternatives: benches in the corridors or in the gym, married classes in the courtyards, as long as there is good weather, in the canteens, even in the cinemas, as Mamiani thinks. The Metropolitan City, which manages all the high schools of the capital, has developed the first simulations to understand how to rearrange the classrooms. “Our School Building Department was activated – explains the metropolitan deputy mayor, Maria Teresa Zotta – the truth is that the spaces were already tight before, in many institutes, let alone now”. Hence the idea of ​​also exploiting “corridors, laboratories, gyms, outdoor areas. But it will be decisive to continue with an integrated teaching between classroom lessons and online lessons ».
The Technical Scientific Committee, pending the Ministry to say the last word, has provided for the obligation for everyone to wear the mask (except for those under the age of 6), a minimum distance of one meter within the classes and between the desks (4 square meters per pupil, in essence), continuous sanitation for each room, separate entrance and exit doors, meals to be consumed in the classroom, even better if with a “lunch box”. Above all, experts advise using alternative spaces to classrooms and outside.
Having read the guidelines, Mario Rusconi, president of the Rome section of the National Presidia Association, says he is certain that “at least 60% of the schools in the capital will not be able or will have great difficulty in applying the new provisions”. The bulk of the schools in Rome, he explains, “don’t even have a double entrance and some don’t even have a gym. And they are already overcrowded today. We asked the principals to collect all the critical issues and report them to the regional school office. “

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School, rules for September: with 37.5 fever you do not enter the classroom. One meter benches

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In Rome there are 178,000 primary school students, 118,000 in middle school, 182,000 between high schools and colleges. The classes, where on average more than 25 students are enrolled, are 24 thousand, but according to experts, to guarantee full compliance with the distance, at least another 6,800 would be needed. For AssoPresidi, sanitation staff are lacking and “resources are scarce to buy single-seater benches”. And then we get organized, even with a little inventiveness.
“We received an offer from the manager of a Prati cinema – says Tiziana Sallusti, Mamiani’s headmaster – even if we could do a lectio magistralis in the room, not the daily lessons”. Paolo Vigoroso, head of the institute including via Silvestri, in the Bravetta area and with a strong 7,000 square meters, explains that “for maturity we decided to use the more spacious classrooms, from 70 to 80 square meters. We also have very large libraries. The state exam will be a test case. ” “We are evaluating the capacity of the courtyards and the gym – reports Giulio Silvestro, principal of the comprehensive institute Pio La Torre in via di Torrevecchia – we will welcome the boys there, if necessary”. At the Newton high school, the director Cristina Costarelli hypothesizes, to recover spaces, to «transform the laboratories into classrooms. As long as the weather is good, other students can be placed in the courtyards. And in the secondary office we are also considering putting the desks in the corridors ». Angela Ubriaco, at the head of the Comprehensive Institute of the Prenestino Village, even “wrote to the VI Town Hall to get the green light to fix the former rooms used for


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