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‘Very serious, offensive and above all not true’. Thus the Lombardy Region comments, in a note, the words of the president of the Gimbe Foundation Nino Cartabellotta who, on Radio 24, speaking of Lombardy, claimed that ‘they also combine magheggi on the numbers’. ‘In Lombardy the data are published transparently. Nobody, starting from the ISS, has ever questioned the quality of our work. It is unacceptable to hear such statements which we hope will be corrected by those who pronounce them, ‘concludes the note.

During 24 Morning Radio 24 interviews, to the question of Maria Latella and Simone Spetia if in particular Lombardy is among the Regions that ‘adjust the numbers for fear of being stopped’, Cartabellotta said: ‘the answer is affirmative, also because In Lombardy too many oddities have occurred in the last three months: discharged subjects who were communicated as healed to the Civil Protection and went to feed the so-called healed silos, alternation and delays in the communication and transmission of data that would have been justified in the first phase and very less now. As if there was a need – Cartabellotta said – to keep the number of diagnosed cases below a certain level.

According to an analysis by the Gimbe Foundation Lombardia, Piemonte and Liguria, they are not ready, from an epidemiological point of view, for the reopening between Regions which are discussed for June 3. “The post lockdown analyzes of the Gimbe foundation show that in these three Regions there is the highest percentage of positive diagnostic swabs and the greatest increase in new cases”, reads a note, released after the intervention of the President of Gimbe Nino Cartabellotta to Radio 24, which provoked the clash with the Lombardy Region. To arrive at its conclusions, the Gimbe Foundation evaluated three elements in the period 4-27 May: percentage of positive diagnostic swabs, diagnostic swabs per 100 thousand inhabitants, incidence of new cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. Lombardy, Piedmont, Liguria, Puglia and Emilia-Romagna are higher than the national average as regards the percentage of positive diagnostic swabs, but also for the incidence of new cases per 100,000 inhabitants: compared to the national average, Lombardy has 96, Liguria 76 and Piedmont 63. “The government – comments Cartabellotta – following the evaluations of the Technical-Scientific Committee will face three possible scenarios: the first, more risky, of reopening mobility throughout the country; second, a reasonable compromise, to maintain the limitations only in the 3 regions most at risk, with the option of allowing mobility between them; the third, more prudent, to prolong the total blockade of interregional mobility, subject to due exceptions current”.

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