Coronavirus, return in September: class at home if there is an infected person. Judgments (and letters) instead of grades in elementary school


The only desirable scenario, that the virus disappeared in September, lets one of the experts from the Bianchi commission, who is about to deliver the proposals for recovery, escape in a moment of despair. Distancing in schools is not practicable, the president of the Association of principals Antonello Giannelli increases: When you return you will have to accept a minimum of risk, otherwise you will not be able to set foot in class.

The contagions

The fear in the world of school not only to finally discover today the health rules imposed by the technical scientific committee to allow the return after the holidays, but to know what will happen if a contagion were to occur. For this scenario LStandard procedure: the quarantine provided only for the positive student or teacher but the class will be placed in solitary confinement at home (the classes, if it is a teacher who has multiple groups). In this case, distance learning will be resumed.

The masks

The technical-scientific committee coordinated by Agostino Miozzo should have already handed over the decalogue yesterday to Minister Lucia Azzolina but there were still some issues to be decided. The first concerns the obligation of the mask for 6-8 hours that children and young people will go to school: there was further reflection both on the fact that the prescription is practicable, on how to make sure that everyone actually carries it and on the responsibility to supervise the use or misuse by students. However, the committee will be able to change its decisions before September if the situation improves further.

The meter

The minimum personal distance between students remains one meter, as all protocols currently prescribe: therefore, there may also be a little less distance between one desk and another. The principals will divide the classes according to the size of the classrooms. Then there must be precise rules also for those students with disabilities for which the distancing from the support teacher is more complicated.

Packed lunch

In addition to the staggered entrances, the compulsory paths in the corridors, we will try to isolate the classes as much as possible, providing for the least number of trips and also the classroom interval. For the canteen, schools will decide according to the spaces: they will be able to make a shift service or resort to packed lunches in the classroom if the premises are not sufficient.

Letters instead of vows

Meanwhile, among the many novelties of next year there will also be the return of grades in elementary school: an amendment by the Democratic Party to the school decree envisages canceling the final marks for primary and replacing them with descriptive grades. How, Minister Azzolina decided: not excluding the addition of the letter system, from A to E, which had been proposed in good school, but which remained a sporadic experiment despite being recommended by the European Union.

May 27, 2020 (change May 27, 2020 | 10:01 pm)


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