Coronavirus, return home of patients treated in Germany: “An indescribable emotion”


The return of Covid patients to Italy
Lecco, 30 May 2020 – Usually, after having rescued them because they are involved in accidents or injuries or because they are suffering from illness and pathologies, he accompanies the patients he cares for and saves in the hospital, often without then knowing anything more. Yesterday morning, however, as “an angel in uniform”, he literally flew to Germany to bring home two Italians cured of the Coronavirus after almost two months of hospitalization in a German hospital, where they had been transferred because the intensive care places in the presidia Lombards were in short supply. Between the two also a 66 year old neighbor of her, “Hijacked” by Alessandro Manzoni of Lecco in a Westphalia clinic with an airlift on a Luftwaffe Airbus A310 on April 3.

“It was a unique and indescribable emotion – says Daniele Mattana, 39, from Lecco, nurse on duty in the ranks of Areu, the regional agency for emergency and urgency – Meanwhile, it is the first time that I have been entrusted with a similar task and therefore it was an experience for me new. It is also wonderful to be able to take care of two people who managed to defeat Covid and bring them back to Italy, from family members they had not seen for nearly ten weeks. ” The day started early for him and the anesthesiologist: at 6.30 they were already in the hangars of the Linate track for a short but intense training session on procedures and safety devices. At the take-off on board Bombardier Learjet, a sort of flying clinic with which in just over an hour they arrived and landed at the Konrad Adenauer airport in Cologne-Bonn, where they took over the two compatriots from Teutonic colleagues to finally return home but to Orio al Serio: one of the two patients was transferred by ambulance to another facility in the Bergamo area, while her neighbor in Villa Beretta di Costa Masnaga, where waiting for her, found her husband and daughters, to a period of rehabilitation before he can definitely return home.

“When they opened the ambulance doors in Germany where he was and saw me her eyes lit up – says the nurse who has been serving since the beginning of the health emergency in the hell of the pandemic epicenter, directly in the province of Bergamo – I am very happy that it was I who brought her home. ”

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