Coronavirus, reopening gyms and Regions: calendar 25 May – 3 June


The decree approved by the government provides that from 3 June there will be no limitations on travel between the Regions if the level of contagion will remain the same as this week, therefore equal among all areas of Italy. If instead there will be areas where the virus shows that it is still present it will be possible to decide in agreement with local authorities to create “red zones”, or delay some openings. there key week and for this we will evaluate the progress of the data every day to intervene promptly and avoid creating imbalances. Above all, calls will be renewed to avoid gatherings or in any case situations that could increase contagions again. The calendar has already been set and takes into account the next deadlines until Friday when any measures need to be assessed.


Coronavirus, the places most at risk of contagion: offices, churches, subway (but also our home)
Coronavirus, the risk (calculated)
Gyms and swimming pools

The gyms open again on Monday, the athletes start again driving tests and in many Regions from the weekend sar possible to go to the beach without any limitation and stay on the beach and lie down to sunbathe. A possibility that Lazio has decided to ban until 29 May. Green light also for swimming pools with all those rules that are similar to those already decided for the beaches.


In Veneto and Emilia Romagna theme parks and outdoor play areas for children reopen, as well as for all the accommodation facilities that have remained closed so far.

Technical scientific committee

On Monday the technical scientific committee meets which will have to analyze what has happened so far, examine the data relating to the various sectors that have reopened, determine if there are “corrections” that must be made.


Between Thursday and Friday they will arrive government monitoring data, the first ones that take into account the reopening decided on May 18 which does not provide for any limitation within your region of residence. we will have first data on openings post 18. On the basis of those we will decide. On paper we have several options. We can continue to open even more as planned or differentiate between regions or (hopefully not) stop or delay reopenings.


Lombardy, the guidelines for gyms, shops and masks
The ordinance for Milan and Lombardy
The decision

Between Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 May it will be decided whether to implement the decree already in force or to place restrictions. The criterion followed will concern the regions of equal contagion, to limit the exits from those areas where the number of patients is still high.

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