Coronavirus, regional borders fall on June 3, but governors threaten controls. Here’s what you need to know


With the approval of the Higher Institute of Health and the silence of the government on a possible provision that would have limited mobility from the territories most affected by the Coronavirus, on June 3 interregional movements will become possible again without the justification of the proven working needs, the reasons of health or return to residence. Said law the now famous transmissibility index Rt, apparently under control in all Italian regions.

If the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has not made any direct Facebook, suggesting that Palazzo Chigi will adapt to the indications of Silvio Brusaferro and the other technicians in charge of the task forces, some local governors and administrators communicate in the press and social media some discontent for indiscriminate reopening of regional borders. Regional and municipal ordinances will be the weapons, popped up, to curb movements along the North-South trajectory.

Campania: rapid tests on arrival

The most heated opponent of the government’s strategy is the President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca. “You really don’t understand – attacks De Luca – what the merit reasons that can motivate a general opening measure and the non-limitation of mobility even for the provinces still heavily affected by the infection”. Then he warned: “We will adopt without hysterics and responsibly, together with the already existing safety protocols, rapid checks and tests with increased attention to prevent as far as possible the emergence of new epidemic outbreaks in our region”.

ANSA | Vincenzo De Luca

It is difficult to imagine how the Region can mobilize such a large number of resources to test every passenger who gets off a train, lands at the airports or arrives by boat in the Campania ports. The position of De Luca, however, even a few hours after the “free everyone”, remains unchanged: «We arrived at 3 June in the worst way, in an atmosphere of uncertainty and confusion – he returned to repeat the morning of 31 May -. I would have expected the assumption of an objective and simple criterion: that is, in the territories of the country where there are more than 200 cases of contagion per day in a row, it is reasonable that there is a limitation on mobility “. Read Lombardy.

Sicily: tracking of tourists

«Safe Sicily is our motto. And for this it will be necessary to verify the origin, the existence of any suspicious cases in the family, indicate the traceability of the presence of the tourist day after day “. Word of Nello Musumeci, governor of Sicily. Anyone who plans to make their holidays in Trinacria, will have to get used to the idea of ​​establishing daily communication with local health authorities. “I only remember that we are at the center of a pandemic and that everything else appears to be a very small thing.”

ANSA | In the Musumeci

Musumeci does not intend to impose a mandatory quarantine on arrival, as was done by many regions at the beginning of phase 2, but to enforce a protocol that provides for constant updating on the health status of visitors and their family . «Anyone who freely comes to Sicily accepts collaboration with local health authorities – Musumeci announces -. The Health and Tourism departments of my region are working on a protocol. Sala too – the mayor of Milan, ed. – knows that a security protocol is in the interest of the traveler “.

Puglia: reporting on the Region website

In the first phase he was one of the main antagonists to the flight from North to South. Now for Michele Emiliano, governor of Puglia, “The time has come to reopen the country”. A reopening which, for the governor, must be done “on conditions of normality and the condition of fundamental normality is freedom of movement. If someone arrives in Puglia we could ask him for the courtesy, not the obligation, to report his presence and keep track of the contacts “. It will be up to everyone’s common sense to report their arrival in Puglia on the Region website.

ANSA | Michele Emiliano

«The governors do not have the power to close their regions and I, to guarantee freedom of movement, cannot ask for a rule that is not imposed by the Dpcm – reiterates Emiliano -. What can be done, for example, is to ask those who come to report their presence and keep track of the contacts they have with the local population or with other people. This is the key to the future after the lockdown, while before we have quarantined everyone, now we must understand how to immediately quarantine any infected people and their close contacts. The Immuni app serves this purpose. ” Puglia will be among the first regions to experiment with the smartphone application.

Sardinia: certificate of negativity

Together with De Luca, Christian Solinas and among the most skeptical governors regarding the indiscriminate reopening of June 3. An unexpected Pd and Lega axis that has joined across the Tyrrhenian Sea: “If I had to decide now – says the governor – there are no conditions to freely allow a move from Lombardy and Piedmont to other regions unless it is guaranteed the prior acquisition of the negative swab which would be the optimal solution because even not allowing people to travel after a long time is a strong limitation ».

ANSA | Christian Solinas

A sort of immunity passport. Idea that was immediately defined “unconstitutional” by the Minister of Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia. Solinas, however, insists: «From 21 May we have reopened for private flights. And dozens from all over the world are already presenting themselves with their certificate of negativity, based on protocols with the airport management companies – says the Sardinian governor -. The world tourism organization, which has chosen this formula for the Canaries, also speaks of “passport”. And Corsica asked Paris to be able to introduce the same obligation “.

Calabria: venghino lombardi, venghino

The position of the Calabrian governor is counter-current. Jole Santelli does not open the doors of his region, he opens them wide: “I am not worried about the arrival of Lombard tourists in Calabria and, on the contrary, I ask them to come to us who knows who they are not intrigued and want to come to. And I am convinced that once they come, they will always come back. I gladly invite the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala ». Santelli exasperates his decision to open the region unconditionally: “A good Calabrian dinner with Bonaccini, Fontana, Cirio and Toti. I cook”.

ANSA | Jole Santelli

Apart from the invitation to his colleagues, of all political colors, the president of Calabria wants to give a message of discontinuity with the first phase of the epidemic. «We must give a message of intelligent optimism. Let’s defend ourselves from the virus, but life goes on. It will be a summer of serenity. ” No checks or reports upon entering Calabria. For Santelli the burden of verifying the condition of travelers lies with the territory of departure: “We ask the government to check if there are areas of particular contagion, to take precautions when leaving those areas, therefore at the start, not to download a the other time the subsequent checks on our regions, because they cannot be done ».

The rest of the South: prudence in Molise

The other regions of the South did not express strong opinions in favor or against the reopening of 3 June. Perhaps the only slightly skeptical voice is that of the president of the Molise Region. “I personally would have waited another week to then reopen all together, but I do a lot of teamwork and I understand that the northern regions need to restart the economic machine for all of Italy – says Donato Toma -. We will be particularly careful and try to educate the population about prudence. ”

ANSA | Donato Toma

Molise, a region that has been heading towards zero infection for weeks, has undergone a recent surge in new cases of coronavirus positivity following the reckless celebration of a funeral. “We had an off-scale peak linked to a Roma community, but we immediately resolved the situation – says Toma, and concludes rejecting the idea of ​​Solinas -. If I do a swab today, I could be negative and positive after a few days, what is the sense? The mass serological test is used to get some positive percentage, but not in absolute terms “.

Lazio: quarantine for Lombards and Piedmontese

Lazio, with different tones from Campania and Sardinia, did not welcome the indiscriminate reopening of its borders on 3 June. Health councilor Alessio D’Amato is the spokesperson for the malaise that reigns in the region: “I say it very clearly: we have given ourselves a method, we must decide on the basis of a series of indicators, on numbers. If decisions are made on scientific evidence, we will have nothing to complain about. If, on the other hand, we give in to political pressure, we will take countermeasures. There is pressure on the Technical Scientific Committee and this risks creating irritation ».

ANSA | Alessio D’Amato

There is expectation, therefore, but also a little veiled accusation from the administrators of the North who are pushing for the reopening. The hypothesis of measuring the temperature in railway stations is circulating in the Region, a measure which, however, does not apply to all asymptomatic infections or in the incubation phase of the virus. For this D’Amato breaks the silence of its president Nicola Zingaretti who, as secretary of the Democratic Party, cannot clash with the government’s positions: “We will verify the possibility of quarantining for 15 days those who arrive from areas at risk”, he says the commissioner, referring to the most affected territories of Lombardy and Piedmont.

Tuscany: caution for the most exposed regions

Surprisingly, Enrico Rossi is the latest member of the trio of governors who force the government to find mediation. Tuscany therefore appears to be among the regions most refractory to the reopening of 3 June. «I wonder why Lombardy, which has a much higher level of positives than other regions, should be treated like the others, with the risk of spreading the infections again. Perhaps more prudence would have been appropriate for the Lombards and for all the Italians ».

ANSA | Enrico Rossi

The Tuscan governor does not discount anyone, not even the mayor of Milan, his party mate: “I am not a sheriff, nor do I want to talk nonsense about impossible health licenses, but to see Fontana and also Sala so pushed towards reopening, after the disaster that has had its epicenter in Lombardy, leaves me stunned and upset. Who knows if he would have done the same if instead of Lombardy there had been other regions, perhaps in the South ». Rossi, for the moment, does not foresee any countermeasure, but asks «explicitly to the Government: either a provision is made distinguishing it for regions such as Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria which are even more exposed to the infection than the others, or, as would be reasonable, he expects a little bit all, waiting for more data uniformity »

The pressure from the northern regions to reopen all borders

Veneto, Liguria, and Lombardy are the leading regions for the reopening of the borders on 3 June. But with the exception of the first which has contained the spread of the virus very well on its territory, the other two, together with Piedmont, are the regions with the greatest number of daily cases. The president of Liguria, Giovanni Toti, considers the government’s “wise decision” to give the go-ahead for interregional travel. “I think there are conditions and that they are calculated risks.”

ANSA | From left, Luca Zaia and Giovanni Toti

Echoes Attilio Fontana. The president of Lombardy who presses the government: “Lombardy will certainly fall into the category of regions that will have freedom of movement – he says, showing himself – very confident about the provision that will be issued by the government. And I am convinced – he concludes – that from 3 the Lombards will be free to move throughout Italy ». Luca Zaia, president of Veneto, tries to relax with the governors of the South: “Reopening all together is a good sign.”

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