Coronavirus recent statements of Turkey and the world: May 20 Coronavirus cases and 19 deaths have been recorded Covidien risk map




While the loss of life in Brazil increased to 16,201, the number of cases was recorded as 244 thousand 52, and the number of healed 94 thousand 122. Prime Minister Antonio Costa, who aimed to give morale to the public, sat on the terrace of one of the cafeterias opened today and drank coffee.

Robotic interview period begins in Sweden

The 73rd session of the World Health Assemblage (DSA), the highest decision-making body of the World Health Organization (WHO), started for the first time in history in Geneva, Switzerland by video conferencing.

Some schools in Belgium today started their education again under strict measures and gradually. While barber and hairdressing salons in the country accept customers by appointment, weddings and funerals can be held with the participation of up to 30 people.

In Germany, it was stated that the worldwide travel warning due to Kovid-19 will be removed after 15 June.

In Austria, where there was no loss of life from yesterday due to Kovid-19, primary schools were gradually opened.

Within the framework of Kovid-19 measures in the Upplands-Bro Municipality of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, the robot named Tengai started to enter interviews instead of public relations experts.

The Greek Super League teams agreed to restart the league, which was suspended for the outbreak on 6 June.

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