Coronavirus, rats (without restaurant food) have become aggressive


It’s not just men who like to eat in restaurants. Among the regular “customers” there are also rodents that in the United States, in this period of lockdown of commercial activities and restaurants, have become more aggressive because food is scarce and hunting becomes more difficult, as the CDCs warn, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Health Agency has reported that in recent days there could be an increase in requests for intervention for “unusual and aggressive” behavior of mice. “Rats are not becoming aggressive towards men, but among themselves, they are taking it out on each otherHe warned Bobby Corrigan, expert in rodent and pest management interviewed by the New York Times.

The invasion of mice

In New York there are colonies of mice that have been relying on restaurant waste for generations to live and dthe nights come out of the sewers on the street to look for leftover food left by the rubbish. But with the lockdown all this disappeared and the rats remained hungry and desperate. In New Orleans hordes of rats have invaded the deserted streets. In Chicago chundreds of thousands of mice have moved en masse along the streets, even in broad daylight, moving towards residential areas in search of something to eat, after finding the empty bins where they used to grab food. “Rats are at war with each other, they fight each other to grab food until they eat each other, “explained Dr. Corrigan. There are images that document the cannibalism. The mice that live in residential areas probably did not notice anything and continued their routine.

How to keep them at bay

To keep rodents at bay, CoCs recommend seal the doors of the house well: even a centimeter under the door can be enough for a mouse to enter the house. Furthermore i waste should be well covered is pet food should not be left in the garden or courtyard. It is possible that the mice went hungry even where they had not dared to go so far. Generally mice do not move far to look for food and water to minimize the risk of being seen by predators, but in recent weeks they have changed this habit and there are entire haunted neighborhoods. There is no evidence that rats can be infected with Sars-Cov-2 or that they can pass it on to humans but they can still transmit many diseases. It is likely that with the reopening of the premises, the life of American rats will also return to normal.

May 25, 2020 (change May 25, 2020 | 14:19)


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