Coronavirus, protest under the Lombardy Region: protesters ask for a commissioner


Milan, 27 May 2020 – Yes it is concluded in the city square of Lombardy, where it started, the unauthorized procession organized by grassroots unions and social centers against the management ofCovid emergency by the Lombardy Region and for ask for the commissioner.

The garrison, which provoked a large gathering, he immediately tried to move in a procession occupying part of Via Melchiorre Gioia. After a negotiation in which a few pushes flew, the demonstrators – about 600 – reversed the direction of travel, taking police and carabinieri by surprise and succeeding inmprovvisare an unauthorized procession, who then walked the streets around the building of the Region intoning choruses like “careful Fountain, the wind still whistles” and “the virus is the profit”.

Many flags in the square: Cobas, Popular Front, Cub, Communist Refoundation Party, but also hotel workers, RSA workers, social workers. Among them also some members of the Carc, the party of the Committees of Support for the Resistance for Communism that claimed the word “Assassin Fountain” in the Crescenzago area. In addition to the management of the coronavirus emergency in Lombardy “they ask for explanations of cuts to health, safety at work, tampons not made. Let us hear from Fontana that he played on the lives of thousands of people”, say the organizers from the small stage organized on square, which is also manned by police and riot police.

The procession raised the protests from various members of the center-right, especially because in the ranks of the protesters there were representatives of the Carc. “The management of this whole affair is shameful. First, the Varese Prefecture places President Fontana under escort because of the abusive murals and threats received by him, then he allows himself to the promoters of this climate of hatred and to other trade unions to demonstrate under the Lombardy Region, “said the regional councilor for security, Riccardo De Corato.

“Something is wrong with me. On the day when Governor Attilio Fontana ends up under escort because the Carc party continues to fuel hatred towards him by defining ‘murderous’ on murals and flyers what happens? That Carc himself goes under the offices of the Region to reiterate that Fontana is a murderer and nobody says anything? “, He stressed Paolo Grimoldi, deputy of the League and secretary of the Lombard League Salvini Premier. Roberto Anelli, group leader of the League in the Lombardy Regional Council added: “The climate of hatred against the Lombardy Region and against President Fontana is reaching maddening and worrying levels. “ And he concluded: “The statements made today by the self-styled far-left group, which was demonstrating in front of the headquarters of the Region, leaves no room for doubt: we are experiencing a democratic emergency similar to that of the seventies”.

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