Coronavirus: Premier League, four more positives – La Gazzetta dello Sport


The new positives are members of three clubs, but the names are not known. In all, twelve took the Covid-19. More tests are scheduled for Friday

Four more positives in the Premier League after the third round of swabs and 1008 tests carried out. We do not know the names of the members found positive for Coronavirus, we only know that they belong to three different clubs.

The controls

Therefore, the number / number of Premier League team members / employees has risen to 12 after 2572 tests: six after the first round, two after the second and four, after the third. And on Friday there will be a fourth round, with a larger number of people controlled, from 50 to 60 for each team. All of this is part of rigorous medical protocols to ensure that training camps are as safe as possible. Players and staff are tested twice a week.

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