Coronavirus, Pregliasco: “Possible fans in the stadiums from mid-July” – La Gazzetta dello Sport


The health director of Galeazzi: “Football can reopen behind closed doors, for now it is right to be cautious”

“Since mid-July, a small slice of spectators in stadiums is possible? It is possible. To reduce the circulation of the virus as much as possible, it is right to act with caution.” The virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, professor of Hygiene and preventive medicine at the State University of Milan, health director of the Galeazzi Institute, said this to the microphones of Radio Punto Nuovo.

far vaccine

“I hope it arrives soon, but we still don’t know if this virus gives immunity for long or short period – he added about the vaccine -. The actual availability of a vaccine requires a year, a year and a half at least. living with the virus. Ascending pandemic curve? It is a risk that exists and we must think about, equipping ourselves to avoid other pains. More contacts, more chances of having outbreaks. The challenge will be to be able to identify them in time and limit their spread. To date we can confirm that close contact is less than a meter for more than 15 minutes. Obviously those who sneeze or cough emit a huge amount of droplets, this is the risk. Certainly close contact is the most dangerous one, but also the indirect way. objects, consequent contacts, should not be underestimated “.

closed doors for now

“The isolation of the subject, a screening of colleagues, can be there – added Pregliasco -. Football can start again behind closed doors. What we are doing is to proceed gradually. The air conditioning in the cinemas we have verified is not too dangerous, people’s behavior is. At the stadium there are no people listening to classical music in religious silence “.

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