Coronavirus, positive pregnant woman: it is serious. Returning to Palermo from London, she passed all the checks


A pregnant woman who returned to Palermo from London and was admitted to the Cervello hospital in the Sicilian capital, positive for Coronavirus. The woman, of foreign origins, arrived in Sicily from the United Kingdom with a stopover in Rome, passing the checks in recent days. But in Palermo she felt bad and hospitalization was necessary. Her condition is serious and doctors are working to save her and the baby.

He passed the checks

The woman, 34 years old, in the seventh month of pregnancy, to return to the Sicilian capital where she lives, has followed the whole process. She registered on the website of the Sicilian Region scheduled for repatriation and a few days ago she finally bought the plane ticket for a flight from London to Palermo with a stopover in Rome. was checked several times with the thermoscanners at the three airports, both at the time of boarding and upon arrival; his health was good and did not cause particular concern.

The situation precipitated

Until yesterday the situation precipitated. The woman, with a very high fever, was transported by the health workers of the 118 Asp and Regional Civil Protection staff engaged in tracking down all the people who came in contact with the pregnant woman to perform the swabs. For example, passengers who traveled on the two planes along the London-Rome-Palermo route, the list of which is being sought. In Sicily today there have been four positive swabs. On Saturday, zero infections were reported on the island for the first time.

May 25, 2020 (change May 25, 2020 | 9:54 pm)


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