Coronavirus, pm Bergamo: it was up to Rome to establish the red zone in Nembro and Alzano


“It was up to the government” to decide the institution of the red zone which in the first days of March was to isolate Nembro and Alzano Lombardo, the two Municipalities of the Bergamo area where the second major coronavirus outbreak in Lombardy had been identified, said Attilio Fontana, listened in the prosecutor’s office in Bergamo as a person informed of the facts. “The army had already been sent” to the scene, stressed the Lombard governor.

Fontana’s statements were in line with those issued by the Regional Welfare Councilor, Giulio Gallera, who was also called up as an informed person on the facts. “We are here to give the right insights and highlight the total correctness of the Region’s action”, said Gallera, who said he was not worried “in the most absolute way”.

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