Coronavirus phase 2, de Magistris: “Government decide on travel from Lombardy and Piedmont”


“My position is against any form of discrimination. But we have to think. Given the contagions that are still strong in Lombardy, I would have expected, after 4 months, that the regional health system would guarantee swabs to everyone. They told me, however, and someone explain to me, that it is not possible. ” This is why “a little caution” is needed. So the mayor of Naples, Luigi De Magistris, guest of the broadcast ‘Circo Massimo’ on Radio Capital, on the movements from Lombardy and Piedmont.But this is a theme that “must dissolve the national government with the ministry of health and the task force. If the conditions are there and they tell us that you can travel, we have no problems but they said it clearly”. According to de Magistris, if Naples had been the epicenter of the epidemic “especially with the previous government, they would have built a wall, deployed the army and fired the terroni”.

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