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Pesaro, 29 May 2020 – It is barricaded at home since March 8: 85 days of seclusion, held hostage by 6 swabs, of which the first negative, the second positive and the others all undefined. This means that they must be repeated. Michele Diotallevi, owner of the historic ‘Lele’ pizzeria in via Giolitti, opened in 2001, it closed its premises on 9 March. “Out of responsibility,” he says. From that day, in fact, an endless nightmare began for him.

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“It was right to close – says the pizza chef -, because I wasn’t feeling so well and in fact I spent three weeks at home with a high fever and the typical Covid-19 symptoms: the loss of taste and smell, muscle pain and weakness. After 15 days, the doctor put me on the list to make the swab. And from there an endless process started: I got to make 6 and I’m not done yet “. “Basically, after the second, positive result, I had to do another 15 days of quarantine – continues Diotallevi – and from there a new process of swabs started, results all undefined. Which means that I am not positive for Coronavirus, but that I have a very low viral load, such that it cannot even be considered negative. For this, the swabs must continually repeat them. But from a health perspective, I wasn’t supported at all. I just have to thank my doctor who acted as my intermediary for the results. Now I cross my fingers for the next two swabs: one will have to do it on May 30 (tomorrow, editor’s note) and the other on June 3. But until both are negative, I can’t move out of the house. In practice, it is as if you are infected, but in fact I am not. I really feel under house arrest. ”

The concern, for the well-known pizza chef from Pesaro, also stems from the fact that the business, being still closed, it is no longer producing income, but the costs still remain the same: “I have a family to run – Diotallevi underlines -, if the situation continues to be this, I will be forced to close. For this reason, I would like to appeal to the institutions, since, from the health point of view, faster answers must be given for cases like mine. Taxes and rents are piling up every month, but what if I don’t cash in what do I pay? Now my two employees are in the integration house, but the fixed costs are still there. The only positive note is having had the bonus of 600 euros for two months: it’s a little help, but it doesn’t solve the situation. It is absurd to have to be abandoned in this way “.

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